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Prodesign Magazine talks to User Experience expert Nick Bowmast about his involvement with the Swiftpoint Mouse. Click here to read more.

Swiftpoint Mouse wins an Innovations Award from the CES Design and Engineering Program in the Computer Peripherals Category.  For more information about this award, click here.

Guy Kawasaki visits us at CES and declares the Swiftpoint Mouse a "Cool CES find" on his Facebook page click here to view

Network World's Julie Bort includes the Swiftpoint Mouse in her Best of CES: 8 new gadgets to make you go "Wow", Jan 2011
To read more, click here.

AirTrans Go Magazine - It's a Wrap, Dec 2010
Swiftpoint Mouse named in AirTrans Go Magazine as one of seven perfect gifts for the Business Traveler.  For more information, click here.

Christchurch, New Zealand (November 17, 2010) Swiftpoint today announced that its flagship product Swiftpoint Mouse has received a “Best of What’s New 2010” award from Popular Science magazine.  Small enough to fit under the thumb, the wireless mouse is designed for constrained venues like planes, trains and cafes, where it can be used either directly on the laptop or on alternative surfaces such as tabletops or even one's knee. 
The product is highlighted in Popular Science’s December issue as one of “the 100 greatest creations of the year.”  In addition, the mouse has also received an “Editor’s Choice” award from Computer Shopper magazine. 
“I created the Swiftpoint Mouse because of my own frustration with the touchpad, which I and many others consider to be a very inaccurate and inefficient substitute for a mouse,” said Grant Odgers, CEO, Swiftpoint.  “After four years of intensive research, design, development and testing, we are proud to present the final result - a mouse that you can use directly on your palmrest to turn your laptop into a no-compromise mobile workstation, no matter how cramped your work space is.”
The University of Canterbury conducted an independent testing of Swiftpoint Mouse with students performing over 6,000 tasks on their laptops. Two laws commonly used in evaluating pointing devices, Fitts’ Law and the Steering Law, were utilized.  Final results showed that the Swiftpoint Mouse is 30%-40% more efficient than a touchpad and also outperforms competitive laptop, netbook and even desktop mice in key aspects such as comfort and portability.
Although this little mouse has only been on the market a short while, it is already capturing the hearts of consumers across the globe and here is what a few had to say about it:
“Love it, Love it, Love it! My Apple mouse has just gone on eBay.” - Andie

“This should be in textbooks on top notch product developments. I wish everything in life was this well designed.” - Shan

"It's brilliant.  I love it. On occassion I find myself at another computer with a standard mouse the standard mouse seems huge and unwieldly...we've got more on order." - Ian
Neat tricks, features and benefits packed into this mini-mouse include:
  • 30-Second Rapid Charge:  Charging a flat battery for only 30 seconds lets one use their mouse for up to an hour;
  • SlideScroll:Rapidly scroll, zoom and page up and down documents and web pages;
  • Ergonomic Pen-Like Grip: Intuitive pen-like grip does away with uncomfortable hand cramps commonly experienced with both the mouse and touchpad;
  • Micro USB dock for Charging and Wireless Operation:No cables required, the USB dock acts as a wireless receiver for up to 30 feet (10 meters) and charges a docked mouse. The dock secures the mouse to a laptop, so when one moves, they only carry one thing;
  • Small and Light:Weighs approximately 1 ounce (30gms) and fits under one’s thumb;
  • Long Life Battery: A full charge (90 minutes) gives 2-4 weeks of normal use;
  • Parking Accessory: This thin adhesive film has a parking area that secures the mouse in place while typing. The parked mouse stays out of the way and is close at hand when one needs it.  A user can also cut the thin film to suit the size of their laptop;
  • Mac and PC OS Compatible:Works with both Mac and PC OS systems.
To read about this award on Popular Science, click here

Press Coverage

Grant Odgers features on the Boys of Tech audio Podcast, click here to listen (segment begins at 20:06 through the audio)

Swiftpoint's plans for global retail stores discussed on, read more

"Into Tomorrow" with Dave Graveline review the Swiftpoint Mouse click here to view

The Wall Street Journal looks at the Swiftpoint Mouse and favors it over Microsoft and Logitech offerings click here to view

Swiftpoint CEO Grant Odgers interviewed on TVNZ's AMP Business click here to view

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Gadget Girl Tee Twyford discusses the Swiftpoint Mouse on TVNZ's Breakfast Show click here to view

Interview with Fred Fishkin on click here to listen
"...the company is back with a (tiny) bang and introducing its eponymous ultraportable mouse. Touting a pen-like grip, tilt-scrolling, and a 30 to 40 percent better efficiency than your touchpad..." read more

"It's one of the most interesting and unique input devices we've seen recently, and while it's considered a "mouse," it's really a lot more." read more read more
Swiftpoint has launched their new mouse that gives you the comfort of a real mouse with more accuracy that a touch pad." read more
"Swiftpoint debuts pen-grip mouse." read more
"Swiftpoint Laptop Mouse Challenges the Touchpad." read more
“Swiftpoint has just announced the release of their Swiftpoint mouse, which is quite an impressive product..” read more
"We all know how frustrating it is to use laptop touchpad. Now, it seems like our prayers has been answered by a new revolutionary mouse..." read more
"...they have something really new to offer us and its in the form of a very tiny mouse." read more
"Along with its cool design, the specification is also quite impressive as well..." read more
Everyone wants the advantages of a desktop mouse without the size so this mini mouse seems to be the way to go." read more
“Swiftpoint Laptop Mouse Challenges the Touchpad” read more
"I’ve been using a tiny travel mouse for the past few years ...but the problem with an itty bitty travel mouse is that it’s a bit harder to grip than a full sized model. Swiftpoint’s latest travel mouse has a fix for that." read more
"This mouse is the tiniest wireless mouse on the market and therefore it’s perfect for all laptops… If you can use a pen you’ll be able to use this mouse with ease because it is using similar design." read more
"The Swiftpoint mouse puts a novel tilt on the laptop mouse concept with its new and ridiculously small portable mouse." read more
"Swiftpoint compact mouse makes clever use of tight spaces." read more
"Swiftpoint Mouse: the best alternative for your laptop touchpad." read more
"So, until now, there was no mediocre solution for a pointing device which can stand on its own if pointing accuracy is concerned, which offers a comfortable hold, neither too hefty to carry around, nor too heavy on budget, besides being simple and intuitive. But today is the day, a Kiwi company- Swiftpoint is about to début an innovative tiny new device which offers all the benefits stated above." read more

"The Swiftpoint mouse has an uncanny design, making it incredibly agile and handy to use." read more

Published Articles


Research Articles

Evaluating Swiftpoint as a Mobile Device for Direct Manipulation Input
Taher Amer, Andy Cockburn, Richard Green, Grant Odgers

Ergonomics 2007, Computer Use on Moving Trains: Which Pointing Device?
Neil Mansfield, Yajur Arora, Andrew Rimell