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The Z - Pre-order

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If you're a Gamer, Designer or a Power User, The Z will let you interact with your computer in a faster, more precise & intuitive way.

The Z is the world’s first mouse to pivot, tilt and roll, with a brand new way of clicking buttons - meaning you can access dozens of different button actions while barely moving your fingers.

The Z also senses how hard you click, giving variable speed / force control, and provides tactile feedback, so you know when you’ve made a ‘deeper click’. 

We built in an Accelerometer, Gyroscope, Force Sensor & Tactile Feedback to unleash a faster, more precise and highly intuitive mouse. 


THE PACKAGE INCLUDES: The Z mouse. A brushed aluminum cube for cord management, gaming mouse mat, additional 'tilt feet', and 'trigger buttons' for personalised comfort and use and user documentation.

Order today - ships in May!

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