The Best MMO Mouse for World of Warcraft

Join the war with a new mouse...

Let's face it, The old MMO Mouse for WOW is done...

How is this the best MMO Mouse for Wow?

The Overview

If you’re searching for the best MMO mouse for WOW you’ve found it. But don’t take our word for it, we have the Tank from Limit and the healer from Method backing this piece of tech. 

Customizing a MMO mouse is a pain so we’ve taken care of that. Simply order the mouse, put your old MMO mouse on the shelf and import the WoW profile and get ready for the battle.

The Swiftpoint Z is an award-winning gaming mouse packed full of features, but the epic power comes from its customization, ergonomics and button actions.

The profile we've created is a template for you to use. Simply load it, give it a go and then adjust to fit your game style. The hard work is done for you leaving you time to focus on the boss mechanics.

I'm really enjoying this mouse, the clicks are much crisper, the extra buttons and specifically where they are placed are great keybinds for healing. The driver program is like 1000x better than corsair or naga the ability to click the button on the mouse in the GUI makes life a lot easier!

LIMIT - GM/Raid Leader 

First glance, looks like something out of transformers! But thats dope af.

Gotta say, I love the customisation

So many options, I don't even know what to do with all of it

METHOD - Officer/Healer 

We've built in a gyroscope, accelerometer, force sensors, OLED screen, on-board memory, pro-gamer optical sensor, and a resonant actuator, to make...

...the most epic gaming mouse

The Z - Winner Gaming Innovation of the Year, CES

"Unprecedented control without compromising on comfort", Digital Trends

"Hands-down the coolest and most innovative mouse I've seen in a decade of reviewing PC gaming peripherals" PC Game Examiner

World's first mouse with tilt & pivot

Sensors detect how hard you click for deep clicks with vibration feedback

Unique button placement for effortless finger access to 16 click actions

Pure comfort for those long raids

1. Better button placement.

The Z has uniquely positioned buttons. It's easier if we quickly show you. 

Hit play on this clip and see what your first finger can achieve. 

"The Z is here, and now mouse makers the world over have a lot of catching up to do" Overclock 3D

But it goes deeper than this too..

Okay, so using just your primary index finger. You have your edge buttons, your main click, your finger tip button, the trigger pull back button and the underside button. All of these can and will be linked to skills and talents you commonly use in your rotations.  

Now add your second finger and the scroll wheel button, and the two side thumb buttons...
That is going to simplfy the use of your keyboard and put those talents and trinkets in a better place. 


The button placement and customization of those buttons is why the Z is the new MMO mouse of choice for WoW.


5 Pressure Sensitive buttons with vibration feedback

The main left and right buttons and two fingertip buttons can activate a Deep Click.

Configure the amount of force that suits you (from easy to ‘off’), and The Z gives you tactile feedback to let you know when it’s activated...

The Z has the ability to setup and customize deep clicks. This allows for a massive range of options for those that want to take their rotations to that next level. But once again it's easier if we quickly show you. 

Hit play on this clip and notice the OLED screen providing real time feedback which will ultimately help you decide how hard you want to push to activate an assigned action. 

Without going too deep...

You can use a normal click for a common action and then click harder to launch an ability with a cool down... Lots of options!


The Technical Specifications

The Battle For Azeroth - Play Different

What's the Deal?

The Battle For Azeroth Deal. Save Over 40% On The Best Deal!

That's okay, if you like PUBG or other games, the Z is available at the normal price

 I Don't Play WoW



1x  Swiftpoint Z

Gaming Mouse 

Solo Player

  • Swiftpoint Z Mouse
  • Travel Case 
  • Custom Buttons
  • Accessories
  • Community Access
  • BFA Profile



1x  Swiftpoint Z

Gaming Mouse with BFA Profile 


The Raid Pack



20 x  Swiftpoint Z

Gaming Mice + BFA Profile


  • 20x Swiftpoint Z Mice
  • Travel Cases 
  • Custom Buttons
  • Accessories
  • Community Access
  • BFA Profile

If I buy it but don't like it, what is your refund policy?

After you order you'll have 30 days to try it out. If you decide it's not for you, for ANY reason, then just contact the customer support team for a full refund. No Questions. No Hassles. Just contact us at It’s that simple.

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Common Ordering Questions

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We sent the Swiftpoint Z to an Altaholic who helped us to create a profile specifically for Battle For Azeroth. Profiles are available to download for free.  Save time, get set up and head into battle.  Don't miss this special deal, or you'll kick yourself later...


" players unprecedented control without compromising on comfort", Brad Jones at Digital Trends

"The Swiftpoint Z is here, and now mouse makers the world over have a lot of catching up to do”, Overclock3D

"This mouse has an accelerometer, gyroscope, 50 buttons, and an OLED display to make you the ultimate gamer", The Verge

"This will be the go-to gaming mouse for the next half decade", Henry Lane - Executive at CerebralFix (award winning game development company).

the best mouse you will ever own. My Razer Naga is just collecting dust now and I haven't looked back. Truly, this is a mouse that all future developers should base their design on.” 

The Z is a fantastic mouse with a wide range of features - a boon to the gamer who needs a peripheral that can grow with them as their skill rises." Techraptor

"We're frankly wowed by the Swiftpoint Z's configurable design elements and button assignments that reveal a rich macro editor"

"The Swiftpoint Z is a gaming mouse that ticks all the boxes! Even boxes you didn’t know existed. If you are serious about getting ahead of the game you need this in your life, right now!"  Tom -

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Frequently Asked Questions

What games and /or software will the Z function with

How much does the Swiftpoint Z weigh?

What type of scroll wheel does the Swiftpoint Z use, and how do you scroll left and right?

We use a high-end mechanical scroll wheel with precise incremental clicks. By tilting The Z slightly to the right you can move the mouse for free-form smooth scrolling, not just up / down, but also left and right, to navigate to any part of a document (including to the start or end of the page).

The Z is compatible with all games and applications. You can map any button click, tilt gesture or pivot gesture to a keyboard combination that the application uses.

For analog functionality we support games or applications that can use both a mouse and analog controller or joystick

The Swiftpoint Z Weighs: 4 ⅛ ounces (117 grams) – without cable and the total box and packaging 1.76 pounds (0.8kg)

Is there a wireless version of the Z available?

What is the warranty period on the Z?

Is there a left handed version available?

No, we've opted to stick with wired to minimize latency and battery issues.

The Z comes with a 3 year manufacturer’s warranty. We don't see it as 'just a mouse'... more as a precision tool for design professionals and gamers - as such the build quality will be of the absolutely the highest standard.

No – the mouse is designed for optimal ergonomic use in the right hand. One of our team is left-handed and uses the Z successfully, but we recommend right hand use.

Can you create and share profiles?

Use the powerful PC Driver to create profiles for all of your favorite games and applications. Profiles can be imported and exported to share with the community of Swiftpoint Z owners.

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