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The heart of the Z is software, profiles and customisation. Help us shape that experience and be in to get the cool new features as they happen.

Beta test the Swiftpoint Z
We're looking for gamers and testers to join us and help us evolve our software!

Swiftpoint Z - Drivers

We need gamers and tech users to help us test profiles across every game you can think of!

We will deploy our community forums and gamers will have their own profiles and be able to share their SwiftpointZ customizations and software builds with other users.  The idea is when you've got a setup for a game that's working too well, share it! or maybe not...

3000+ Kickstarters Backed the Project and we'd love to have you all in our extended team!

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""This will be the go-to gaming mouse for the next half decade", Henry Lane - Executive at CerebralFix" 

macro's combo's


Work flow ideas, hot keys and short cuts

"The main mouse buttons are flat, creating a stable platform so you do not nudge the mouse while clicking." 


Help us: We want to learn how you play games and what you want to improve!

As an early adopter, join us now and come along for the development ride. There will be plenty of giveaways and cool stuff coming up as we roll out changes.