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Swiftpoint P3 Control Panel - Windows 10

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**Windows 10 is required for version and newer** is available here for Windows 8 & 8.1 users
Windows 7 is not supported.

Swiftpoint P3 Control Panel 

Release Notes v3.3.5.0

– Resolved issue with Firmware Updater which could prevent update from starting or cause it to stall.

Release Notes v3.3.4.0

– Added iPad Remote Access and Health tabs.
– Health tabs can be configured to remind you when to take a break. Up to 3 different timers can be setup for this task.
– Added USB support (requires Firmware > 1.20)
– Fixing issue where upgrades can be stuck at 90%.
Firmware Version 1.30
– Fix for wake-up bug
– Fix for standalone Presenter mode issue

Release Notes V3.2.5.0


-Adds ability to change color of laser pointer.

-Updates to the Presenter – tap action is suppressed if Spotlight/Laser is engaged
-Added Japanese translations
-Fixed issue with SnagIt full screen interaction
Includes firmware v.129
-Fix for wake up issue.
-Adding version and product ID fields to allow unit identification.

Release Notes V3.2.3.0

· Fix where Control Panel would not start minimized on start up.


Release Notes V3.2.1.20

· Added Presenter controls.

· Added SpotPoint which is an assignable Presenter Control to highlight areas of the screen.

· Added Virtual Laser Pointer which is an assignable Presenter Control.

· Click any button or press Esc to disengage the SpotPoint / Virtual Laser Pointer when engaged.

· Help desk options added.
· Removed Wellnomics as 1 year promotion has now lapsed.

Firmware V1.26 changes:

· Improvements to Gyro Sensitivity

· Changes to sleep mode so mouse is more responsive coming out of sleep and microsleep.

· Bluetooth timeout set to 30 minutes

· Improved battery measurement


Release Notes V3.2.0.17

·  Revised UI – make it easier to access the controls you want in a more logical manner

·  The P3 Control panel also contains firmware 1.23 which we recommend to use.

Firmware 1.23 Changelog:

  – Fixing some USB dropouts

  – Improved Mac USB pairing reliability

  – Improving Bluetooth reconnection speed on Windows

  – Change to USB pairing LED indication (Slow Green Flashing)

  – Change from DfuG4 update name to P3Update

  – Added Microsoft SwiftPair for quick connection to Windows 10 computers


Release Notes V3.1.10.7

Added Battery Meter and Automatic Updates
– Fixed issue where resume from sleep would not re-enable control panel

This update also introduces Firmware 1.11 which:
– Fix for some Bluetooth pairings being missed when swapping connection
– Slowed down default tilt scroll speed
– Fixed issue with erratic scrolling

Added ‘Keyboard Input’

This update allows you to assign keyboard shortcuts to different gestures.
Firmware 1.06 Change log:
Improved USB re-connection range.

Added ‘About Page’

This update allows users to upgrade the firmware to V1.05 via the About Page.
Version and Firmware versions are displayed on about page.

Firmware 1.05 Change log:
– Multiple Bluetooth Pairings and USB connection correctly cycles sequentially between known pairs
– Tilt detection is improved and more accurate.

Firmware 1.04 has the following fixes
– Button presses such as double click could be missed is fixed
– Fixes to switching between multiple Bluetooth connections.

Firmware 1.03 has the following fixes
– Fix for mouse freezing and disconnecting intermittently

– Fixing IMU going to sleep prematurely which stopped tilt gestures from working

– Added battery measurement to BT device information

– Previous connection type is maintained so mouse will reconnect using previous connection method as opposed to defaulting to USB.

– Bootloader update to support updates via WebBluetooth/Chrome

Looking for the MAC driver?  Click here

Swiftpoint Control Panel Download - Mac

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*Subscription: We will email you with mouse software and firmware updates, plus other related product information and offers.

Release Notes

Release Notes V1.2.0 (54) – Jan 10, 2020

ProPoint and TRACPOINT firmware can now be updated directly from the Control Panel. To do this just pair with your mouse over Bluetooth and you will be prompted to update if your mouse does not already have the latest firmware.

Includes Firmware Version 1.30

  • Fix for wake-up bug.
  • Fix for standalone Presenter mode issue.

Release Notes V1.1.0 (49) – Nov 18, 2019

  • Added Support for macOS Catalina.
  • Updates to the Legacy firmware prompt.
  • Control Panels status display now includes “Legacy firmware” when used.
  • Slowed app switch movement while in Presentation mode.
  • Fix for SpotPoint/Laser Pointer escape not working in all cases (Press Esc key to force disable).
  • Rename “Middle Button” to “Centre Button” to avoid confusion with “Middle Click” function.
  • Allow the app to work correctly for multiple users logging in at once.
  • TRACPOINTs rear click default is correctly restored to “Right Click” when switching between ProPoint and TRACPOINT.

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