Windows Driver Download

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Looking for the MAC driver?  Click here

MAC Driver Beta Test

We’re now preparing for the launch of the feature complete Mac version of the Zs Swiftpoint Driver.

So if you’re a Mac user and are interested in helping us ensure we catch any remaining bugs, and provide early feedback. Please use the link below for details on how to access the beta test download and forum.

MAC Utility Download

While we are completing work on the Mac Control Panel you can also use the special configuration we created, in conjunction with the utility “Better Touch Tools” to configure the button outputs of your Z on Mac. 

All of the required files and instructions for this are included in the download link below.

Note: Unlike the Beta Driver, this configuration method will not provide access to all of the Z’s functionality. So if you are not interested in joining the beta test, just be sure to check back on this page for the full release to get the most out of your Z.

Looking for the Windows Driver? Click here