Swiftpoint ProPoint firmware update process using an iPad/iPhone.


Open this page on your iOS device. 

File attachments for use in the upgrade process:

Placing ProPoint into Firmware upgrade mode

First practice placing the mouse into Firmware upgrade mode. 

The mouse can be returned to normal function by switching the mouse off then on again.

Summary of process

  1. Hold down the front and middle buttons with your left hand
  2. Switch the mouse off
  3. Move the switch to the middle position
  4. Turn the scroll wheel two clicks clockwise
  5. Flick the scroll wheel at least two clicks counter-clockwise
  6. The LEDs should be solid red indicating Firmware update mode

Details of process

  1. Once you can reliably get ProPoint into the Update Mode continue with the rest of the process.


  1. Click here to download the nRF Toolbox :- https://itunes.apple.com/nz/app/nrf-toolbox/id820906058?mt=8
  2. Download the first file for updating the Firmware here: iOS Firmware Update – Part 1  Tap and hold on the link and then select the ‘Open’ option, then select the ‘More’ option.
  3. You will then get a list of applications appear at the top of the iPhone/iPad screen. Scroll across and select the nRF Toolbox app. 

Copying the file to nRF Toolbox will also launch the app. Where you should see the screen below with the “V1_05_Part1*” file loaded. 
* File names may differ.

Once you see the screen leftmost below with the correct file loaded, place your ProPoint into Upgrade mode; as discussed at the start of the instructions.

  1. Press SELECT DEVICE to see the list of connections
  2. Select DfuTarg
  3. Press Upload
  4. Upload should begin after a few seconds

The last step of the process is to upload the second firmware file (V1_05_Part2*) in the same manner as we just did the first.  
* File names may differ.

But before doing this please switch Off your ProPoint, the go to the System Settings and select Bluetooth, and switch Bluetooth Off, then On again.


Open the file here – iOS Firmware Update – Part 2 into the nRF Toolbox app.

  1. Put your ProPoint back into firmware upgrade mode
  2. Press SELECT DEVICE to see the list of connections
  3. Select DfuG4
  4. Press Upload
  5. Upload should begin after a few seconds
Press 'Select Device'
Select DfuG4 or DfuTarg to connect the mouse

Select Upload

Getting started again

The BluetoothPairing should still be stored in you mouse but need to be selected.
  • Switch on your mouse.
  • If it does not connect to your computer:  Switch OFF, PRESS and HOLD the middle button, Switch ON, RELEASE the middle mouse button.
  • If you more than one pairing stored in you mouse you may need to do this process more than once.
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