1. Ensure your USB receiver is connected to your computer.
  2. Set the switch on the base of your ProPoint to OFF.
  3. Hold down just the front two mouse buttons (not the rear button).
  4. While still holding the two buttons set the switch to PRESENT.
  5. Continue holding both mouse buttons for 20 seconds, the LED will flash red 3 times each five seconds then stay lit up red at 20 seconds.
  6. Once the LED is remaining red place the ProPoint so it is flat on your desk, release both mouse buttons and take your hand completely off the mouse.
  7. Let the ProPoint sit still for 20 seconds while it calibrates the Gyro. The LED will give a very brief red flash when this is complete.

If your ProPoint did not automatically re-pair with its USB receiver during the process, switch it off then back on and hold it close to the receiver while you scroll the scroll-wheel. The LED should light up green in a few seconds to indicate it has been re-paired.

The reset will have also cleared any Bluetooth pairings from your memory. So these will need to be re-created if you normally pair over Bluetooth.

Refer to the video below for a demonstration of the procedure.

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