Some quotes from the OhGizmo! review, Posted 21st January 2011.

“…after only a few days the Swiftpoint has not only become my travel mouse of choice, but it’s even starting to encroach on my Apple Mighty Mouse’s territory for day-to-day use.”

“…when you first start using the Swiftpoint you instantly realize that the designers have put a lot of thought into its ergonomics and usability, and not just “how do we make this thing smaller?”

“…you really only end up holding it with the tips of your fingers, which not only actually feels rather comfortable, but also feels like you have finer control than with a larger mouse.”

“On the top of the Swiftpoint you’ll find the left and right mouse buttons arranged in a vertical orientation instead of side-by-side, but it feels completely natural and is a non-issue…You’ll also notice a perfectly positioned rubber scroll wheel on the right side of the Swiftpoint.”

“…the Swiftpoint mouse features a built-in rechargeable battery, but instead of requiring some additional cables to top it off every now and then, the USB wireless receiver does double-duty…So besides serving as a wireless receiver and a charging station for the mouse, the USB dongle also serves as a secure dock allowing you to easily up and move your laptop with the Swiftpoint securely in tow.”

“And speaking of charging, that’s one thing I particularly like about this mouse. On a full 90-minute charge you can expect to get about 2-4 weeks of normal use…But on just a quick 30-second charge with the battery depleted you can actually get a full hour’s use which is fantastic if you’re in a situation where you need to get work done but don’t want to sit and wait for a full charging cycle to complete.”

“I also like that the Swiftpoint has some simple but effective power-saving techniques to maximize its battery life. Built into the finger grips are touch sensors that know when you’re actually holding the mouse, and when you’re not. So if you happen to brush the mouse out of your way with your arm, or move it in any way without holding the finger grips, the movement won’t be detected or translated to the cursor.”

“Overall the Swiftpoint mouse is a well-designed product that’s hard to fault after having had the chance to actually put it through its paces. It’s difficult not to be skeptical at its minuscule design at first glance. Particularly since we’ve all spent our lives using monstrous alternatives. But the Swiftpoint is well designed for the task it was created for, which is basically on the palmrest area of a notebook computer while it’s being used on your lap, on an airplane’s tray table or anywhere with limited desktop space. It may not be the perfect solution for everybody’s day-to-day needs, but I certainly recommend that road warriors who are not completely satisfied with their laptops built-in solutions give it some serious consideration.”

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