Some quotes from review, Posted 7th February 2011.

“I found the Swiftpoint Mouse to be both responsive and precise—much more precise than a trackpad.”

“…this tiny size serves a purpose: The Swiftpoint aims to be the ultimate travel mouse by letting you use it in settings—say, while your MacBook is on your lap, or when working on a plane—when the only flat surface is your laptop’s own palmrest. That’s right: The Swiftpoint Mouse is small enough and precise enough (1,000 dpi) that you can stick it on your MacBook Air’s palmrest and mouse about when there’s no other flat surface in sight.”

“Unlike with many compact mice I’ve tested, the Swiftpoint Mouse’s design is surprisingly ergonomic…It feels a lot like holding a pen, and I was able to work with the Swiftpoint Mouse for extended periods without discomfort.”

“Just to the right of the mouse’s buttons, in front of your middle finger, is a large (compared to the size of the mouse itself), rubber-coated scrollwheel. You can use the scrollwheel comfortably with either your index or middle finger, but the Swiftpoint Mouse’s design offers an additional option: Tilt the mouse slightly to the right, and the bottom of the wheel comes in contact with the mousing surface, letting you scroll by moving the mouse itself forward or back. It’s a nice option that at times I found more comfortable than using either finger.”

“The scroll wheel also offers two additional features you wouldn’t discover if you didn’t read the user guide. First, if you hold the right-click (back) button and scroll, you get page-at-a-time scrolling instead of line-by-line. Second, if you hold the left-click (front) button and scroll, your onscreen view zooms in and out.”

“…using a mouse on your laptop’s palmrest raises practical questions about what to do with the mouse when you’re typing. Swiftpoint includes a couple clever solutions. The first is that the mouse’s tiny USB receiver (which provides a radio-frequency (RF) wireless connection) also serves as a storage cradle and a charger. When you don’t need the mouse, it snaps firmly onto the receiver and sits there, suspended from your MacBook’s USB port, juicing up all the while.”

“The second “Where do I put it when I’m typing?” solution is the included Parking Accessory, which is essentially a clear, thin mouse pad you can cut to fit your particular laptop’s palmrest area…It turns out that the base of the Swiftpoint Mouse hosts a tiny magnet, and the parking area hides a thin, metal plate; stick your mouse here, in between your hands, and it won’t slide off your laptop while you’re typing, even if you tend to tilt your MacBook at precarious angles.

“For those who prefer a mouse to a trackpad, the Swiftpoint Mouse works in even the tightest of workspaces. It won’t replace your desktop mouse, but in cramped quarters, it shines, giving you a usable, comfortable input device that even works on your MacBook’s palmrest. The company has anticipated some of the biggest obstacles to such use, and has included features and accessories that address most of these challenges. It’s a clever product that’s as portable as a mouse can be, and it works well enough that some road warriors might even end up using it full-time.”

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