Some quotes from the BNET coverage by Rick Broida, Posted 24th November 2010.

“…if you hate touchpads… the Swiftpoint might be a steal at any price.”

“Ever try to use a mouse on an airplane tray-table? Or in a car? Heck, even some tables at Starbucks are too narrow to accommodate one.”

“The Swiftpoint Mouse works anywehere. It’s small, rechargeable, dockable, and able to glide on surfaces including your laptop’s palm rest.”

“I like the way the Swiftpoint docks with its little USB receiver, though I’d be worried about it getting knocked loose inside my laptop bag. On the plus side, a mere 30-second quick-charge affords an hour’s worth of juice, so it’s easy to recharge on the fly.”

“…if you hate touchpads (most people do) and constantly find yourself in cramped working conditions, the Swiftpoint might be a steal at any price.”

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