Some quotes from New Zealand Herald Mac Planet review, Posted October 14th 2010

“It’s ingenious, frankly.”

“For one thing, it’s tiny – with is partly the point. It’s so small you can happily use it on the space below the keyboard and beside the central trackpad on most laptops, and most definitely there is plenty of room on Apple’s.”

“It’s possible the Swiftpoint Mouse has the potential to address ergonomic issues associated with using small mice, due to its pen-like grip. This feels natural and comfortable to use…”

“Although very small in size, (42mm x 57mm), it has been tested with a whole range of hand sizes. This makes perfect sense – you don’t tend to buy bigger or smaller pen sizes depending on your hands.”

“The USB receiver is tiny – you can leave it in the port (to handle connection, you need to anyway) and just dock the mouse on it whenever you want – a 30-second charge will give you an hour of use…”

“Ninety minutes charge gives you a purported 2-4 weeks use, which is pretty amazing. Hurrah to that.”

“In your right hand, your thumb fits naturally into the red, rubberised thumb-grip on the Swiftpoint’s left. You put your middle finger in the right-side black rubberised groove and your index finger falls naturally to the textured scrollwheel and buttons.”

“You do a three-point dance with this finger, between the normal left-click button (at the front), the right-click button (pull your finger back a few millimetres) and lift it over two or three millimetres to the right to find the scrollwheel.”

To read the full review on The New Zealand Herald, click here

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