Some quotes from the review, Posted 8th November 2010

“I love how the mouse is very light-weight and very respondable.”

“…it took me no time at all to install the Swiftpoint mouse on my netbook.”

“It’s a very comfortable hold and although the buttons are centered vertically on the mouse rather than horizontal, like most mice, it’s pretty easy to get used to them.”

“The only surface space I had to use was the touchpad/handrest area of my netbook – which was only 2 inches long below the keyboard.  My previous laptop mouse could never work on a such a small surface like the Swiftpoint mouse.”

“I have really enjoyed using the Swiftpoint mouse.  I even have been using it with my desktop and it works great…”

“The Swiftpoint mouse is a winner.  I like it better than my normal boring, black desktop mouse.  It’s lightweight, compact, precise, and the buttons and wheel are convenient.  I can dock it onto my netbook and I’m ready to go.”

“No long cord, no need for a table to use it, and it’s always conveniently docked on my netbook when I need it.”

“A lot of thought, research, and development went into the Swiftpoint mouse and it shows.”

“…they are offering a 30 Day Guarantee…although, I don’t suspect they will be getting any returns.”

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