Some quotes from the review, (Translated from French), Posted 8th November 2010

“This mouse is very accurate, certainly more than just your trackpad.”

“So you’re not sure that this mouse would be a mouse for you, think again, I had the same prejudice at the start.”

“It’s amazing how fast I could get used to it.”

“The first time you connect, you just wait until the driver is installed and presto: you can use your mouse. Yes, no CD to install, nothing! It’s really very simple and very fast.”

“In any case, it is very convenient, as agreed, and rather pleasant to use.  It is my opinion, a very good purchase especially when you consider its autonomy.”

“I recommend this mouse again mainly for users of laptops, netbook (although nothing prevents you from using a traditional PC (tower + monitor)).  Really practical, pleasant to use, aesthetically beautiful I must say, and then Quick and easy… She has really great quality for such a small mouse, and its autonomy is really attractive…”

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