Some quotes from the review,

“Swiftpoint may be the only company in the entire world that has the mouse right for all of us suffering (or about to) from RSI and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.”

“…the Swiftpoint mouse is marketed as a notebook mouse and while it’s actually smaller than the real rodent, it’s a great mouse for desktop computing too.”

“Regardless of whether you own a notebook or not, if you have RSI or CTS, rush to the web site and buy yourself a Swiftpoint mouse. If you don’t have RSI or CTS, but you’re using a mouse on a daily basis, go do the same, because sooner or later you’re going to get one of these two ‘conditions’ for which there’s little medical help available (except for surgery…).”

“I’ll quickly tell you why you should go out and buy one: the Swiftpoint mouse makes you place your hand the same way as when you’re holding a pencil. That’s about as natural a hand and wrist position as you get when office or computer work is your destiny…”

“In addition to this the Swiftpoint mouse has other unique features that in my opinion turn it into the best computer mouse available.”

“…without installing any drivers or software, you can make the mouse move only when your finger rests on the right-hand rubberised finger grip. This feature is not turned on by default, but I found it makes the mouse even more useful. Often when I’m working, I want to change the postion of my entire forearm so I can give my shoulder a rest. With a conventional mouse, picking up the mouse and putting it down again will almost always result in a moving cursor.”

“A second extremely useful feature is the scrolling wheel…The wheel is rubberised and when using the mouse it can be rotated effortlessly using your fingers, but if you want to to move fast trough a document or a file window, you can just place the wheel on a surface and pull the mouse down (or up, depending in which direction you want to scroll).”

“After having worked with the Swiftpoint for about two weeks I am enthralled by the device. I still can’t believe my wrist and shoulder hurt much less than when I was using the Magic mouse (and on and off a whole collection of Logitech mice, for that matter).”

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