Some quotes from ASE Labs review, Posted 8th February 2011.

“The mouse is a real treat to use on the go.”

“Road warriors and airplane fliers might not be at a desk when the call comes in to fix that presentation that your boss is doing in 20 minutes. Times like these call for an input devices that can handle itself when you need it. Not only is it stylish, Swiftpoint packed in a large number of features to set their product apart from the rest.”

“Pictures don’t do this input device justice. We strongly suggest you check out the video review to get a full view of the mouse. It is really unique.”

“This isn’t just a standard receiver. It serves multiple purposes. The first is for receiving. Most mice come with some sort of small receiver that fits in the mouse on the go, but this is also a mouse dock. The two metal bits on each device marry together and a magnet holds the combo together. This is how the mouse is charged and how you take the two on the go.”

“Since the connection is just magnetism, you can easily remove and put back the mouse on its base station without fiddling around to make sure the contacts are touching.”

“The front of the mouse contains the two buttons. The one with the raised bump is the right click and the lower is the left click. The left click button is large enough to click for the majority of hands and the raised right click button makes it simple to click that as well.”

“This is one of those products that doesn’t bother playing “me too” against any other company. What we have here is genuine innovation and the market should pay attention. Features that this mouse boasts work, and they work well. No software is needed to change the orientation, or to do page scrolling.”

“The speed of the mouse is good. It is 1000 DPI, so it won’t be too fast to control. It also should be able to control the entire screen on a tiny laptop surface without picking up and moving all over the place.”

“Ergonomically, the mouse feels good. Even on bigger hands, it works well after a bit of use.”

“The charging USB receiver is a great idea and the battery life is remarkable. Why should we have to carry batteries for our laptop mice? It really is a problem when you run out of juice, but with the Swiftpoint, you just do a quick charge and you’re good to go. All laptop mice should do this.”

“We always suggest you try the mouse before you buy, and Swiftpoint even offers a 30 day money back trial period. This is an excellent thing to offer to customers. If you don’t like the way it feels, get your money back.”

“…if you’re a true road warrior or venture on airplanes all the time, this is a really handy input device to take with you. It just works and works well.”

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