Swiftpoint GT for Parallels, working remotely on Parallels just became a whole lot easier!

Parallels & the Swiftpoint GT mouse

The latest version of Parallels Remote Application Server (RAS) integrates seamlessly with Swiftpoint GT mouse to deliver a desktop-like experience on mobile with the ease and accuracy provided by a mouse.

The Swiftpoint GT mouse offers support for iOS touch gestures. Mobile clients using a Swiftpoint GT mouse have the option to change back in real-time to the familiar touch-gesture experience, which allows them to use native-like hand gestures to navigate their way through the RAS-published applications and desktops.

Here is what you need to know:

  • Wireless with USB and Bluetooth
  • Ergonomic design so very comfortable to use
  • RapidCharge™ 30sec charge last for an hour,
    2 hour charge will last up to a month
  • Enables touch gestures with non-touch screens
  • Tilt mouse for stylus use
  • Works on Mac, Windows, iOS and Android devices
  • Comes with handy carry case and accessories
  • High quality with 5 year warranty
  • Visit the Swiftpoint GT product page for more info
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