Exciting new partnership

New Swiftpoint & Polydust Partnership

Introducing precise mouse functionality on iOS for an amazing 3D Modelling experience

We’re delighted to partner with Polydust and their new, leading-edge 3D Modelling App for iOS now supporting our Swiftpoint GT mouse. The result is precise mouse functionality on iOS devices for an enhanced and unique user experience for modelling hobbyists, enthusiasts and aspiring professionals alike.

Swiftpoint already has similar partnerships in place with selective remote access software developers (such as VMware Horizon, Amazon Workspaces, Jump Desktop and others) where their remote access iOS apps are supporting the Swiftpoint GT, offering end-users a true desktop or laptop experience with iPad, keyboard and mouse.  

Polydust is paving the way, for the first time on the iPad, with its low-poly modelling iOS application. Fast, innovative, intuitive, fully-featured workflows allow you to express your artistic potential with new, easy-to-learn professional software.

With the Polydust app, you’re now able to use industry standard operations like extrude or edge-loop modelling, browse through your projects and creations, adjust model colours, physical properties and post-processing effects, and finally import and export your work using universal FBX format.

Be the first to put the Swiftpoint GT to the test with this latest Polydust beta by taking up our limited time special offer for beta testers to buy a GT for US$69 (plus freight) – more than a 50% discount to the GT’s RRP of US$149. Order your GT here!

We wish you endless hours of enjoyment at both work and play with this amazing new Polydust software, your iPad and our Swiftpoint GT.

Mike Chisholm, CEO

Swiftpoint GT Wireless Ergonomic Mouse Feature Table