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Tiny in size, big in comfort. PenPoint was designed from the ground up for ergonomics and productivity.

Just like holding a pen, the PenPoint lets you work all day in comfort. Let your hand rest in its natural position reducing pain, strain and discomfort.

PenPoint is extremely light weight and easily used with the flick of your fingers. The highly accurate sensor and integrated software let you operate with dexterity and accuracy.

Reduced pain

Reduce your pain by using a Swiftpoint Pen-grip mouse.

Conventional mice use a claw grip that orientates your hand and wrist in an unnatural position that over time causes pain associated with Carpal Tunnel and Tendinitis.

PenPoint’s innovative Pen-grip design aligns your hand and wrist in a more neutral position, providing comfort and precision at your fingertips.

Health software

Medical professionals recommend we take regular breaks away from our computer, most people don’t know how often, or for how long is required.

PenPoint has built in health software to optimize your working day and offer you the support you need. The Swiftpoint Control Panel monitors your computer use and gently reminds you when it’s time to take a micro-pause and stretch break.

Choose to use our ‘best practice’ pre-configured settings, or create your own personalized reminder program based on your needs or your recovery plan.

PenPoint is the most comfortable mouse in the world and the customizable health software makes prevention or recovery simple.



The Swiftpoint mouse changed my life – it is the most comfortable mouse I’ve ever used for work, and completely eliminated all of the strain I had in my wrist.” – Matthew, Norway

“I suffer from Essential Tremor in my hands and your mouse has been my saviour as I could not use any other type of mouse on the market.” – Tania, UK

“After I got Carpal tunnel syndrome, I stopped using a traditional mouse. My knuckles, my arm, and my shoulder are no longer hurting.” – Sui, USA

“I’ve been using it for 18 months now and my carpal tunnel is gone.” – Michael USA

“I’ve tried many mice from the likes of Microsoft, Logitech, and Razer over the past 20 years, but none made the wrist aches go away until I used my first Swiftpoint pen-grip mouse.” – Rick, USA

What the professionals say

“A traditional mouse design, which requires a fully pronated hand position is a contributor to discomfort related to computer use.”

“Designs using pen-like positions show reduced pronation, ulnar deviation and muscle activity though increased wrist extension. A pen-like position design which limits wrist extension is desirable.” – Nicola Green, Ergonomist

“This is one of the best, most well designed products I’ve seen in the Ergonomic space for years.” – Dr Kevin Taylor, Wellnomics

“The most comfortable mouse of any size I’ve ever used.” –

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Money back guarantee

We are so confident that the PenPoint will reduce your pain that we will give a 90 day money back guarantee.

The ergonomic Pen-grip design has been endorsed by clinicians and known to reduce pain.

We have thousands of happy customers and know you will join those who tell others how fantastic the PenPoint is, and that you are now working without pain.

Corporate enquiries

Are you an Ergonomist, an occupational therapist, clinician or hand therapist?

PenPoint is the perfect partner to your workplace rehabilitation programme. PenPoint reduces pain and helps gets staff back to work sooner and with increased efficiencies.

Contact us today for corporate opportunities or to discuss your clinic retail offering.

Ergonomically designed wireless mouse.

PenPoint mouse, travel case, and USB charger.
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