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Original Swiftpoint GT - Limited Drop

Original Swiftpoint GT - Limited Drop

Purchase 1 of 49 factory sealed original Swiftpoint GT's. Crowdfunded and launched in 2014.

Please read the shipping and product information before purchasing.

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Please be aware that there is only 49 original Swiftpoint GT's available for sale.

These models are being shipped from New Zealand so expect the shipping costs to be higher than usual.

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Swiftpoint GT - Limited Drop

Everyone here at Swiftpoint is incredibly excited for the up and coming release of the new and improved Swiftpoint Z2.

So to celebrate we are bringing back a very limited batch of original Swiftpoint GT mice available for sale.

These mice have been hanging up in the office since their first launch in 2014 as collectors items, but to celebrate the launch of the Z2 we are making them available to you!

These mice are factory sealed and will come with a carry case and a USB-A charging dongle that also doubles up as a bluetooth receiver.

Don't miss out on this exclusive opportunity!

The Perfect Mini Ergonomic Mouse

This Swiftpoint mini Mobile Mouse is the must have for your laptop for those who can't function using the touchpad. I have used this mouse for years and can't live without it. It's an ergonomic joy to use. You will never find another mouse available that fits in your hand like this little mouse does.

Angel - Swiftpoint GT User -

GT = Gesture

The Swiftpoint GT was the world's first computer mouse to be compatible with gesture controls. Helping you to bridge the gap between touch and non-touch modes of operating your desktop, laptop or tablet.

Comfort Redefined

The Swiftpoint GT addresses concerns about RSI, OOS, and carpal tunnel syndrome. Other small mice often cause cramping because you have to hold them with a claw grip, but the GT’s pen-like grip feels natural to use in anyone’s hands – large or small.

Travel Friendly

The GT is designed to fit your lifestyle and work across your various devices and computer setups. It does a fantastic job in Windows 7, 8 and 10, and it works with your Mac laptop or desktop, Android and even an iPad (when using a Remote Desktop Connection). It does not care if you have a touch or a non-touch display! From home to office - wherever you go, GT is with you all the way.

The Best Mobile Mouse

This mouse is excellent in a way that is just to hard to describe. I typically do not use a mouse, but a trackball. This is clearly superior to any touch pad, but it's size and grip, the tipping to the side to use as a virtual stylus. It all comes together in a very unique way that is unlike anything you've tried before. A truly outstanding product.

Clint - Swiftpoint GT User -

Accolades A Plenty

In 2015 the Swiftpoint GT won the top CES innovation award. CES said this:

"Swiftpoint GT is selected as a 2015 CES innovation awards Best Of Innovation Honoree in the Computer Peripherals product category. This means not only was your product chosen to be an honoree, but the judges feel that your product represents the most impressive technology in your product category. Your product scored higher than all the rest and it is no small feat."

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