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Original Swiftpoint Z1 - Limited Drop

Original Swiftpoint Z1 - Limited Drop

Purchase 1 of 14 original Swiftpoint Zs'. Shipping from New Zealand.

Please read the Shipping & Product Information within the drop down menu below before purchasing!

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Shipping & Product Information

Please be aware that there are only 14 original Swiftpoint Z1s' available for sale.

We have a limited number of refurbed models available that ship with the travel case and all accessories.

These models are being shipped from New Zealand so expect the shipping costs to be higher than usual.

They will come with extra button caps, interchangeable tilt and lock out feet and the joystick extender.

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Swiftpoint Z1 - Limited Release

Everyone here at Swiftpoint is incredibly excited for the up and coming release of the new and improved Swiftpoint Z2.

So to celebrate we are bringing back a very limited batch of original Swiftpoint Z1 mice available for sale.

These mice have been hanging up in the office since their first launch as collectors items, but to celebrate the launch of the Z2 we are making them available to you!

They will come with extra button caps, interchangeable tilt and lock out feet, the joystick extender and some have the carry case. So if you've been longing for a piece of Swiftpoint History, the time to grab it is now!

Don't miss out on this exclusive opportunity!

The Best Purchase I've Ever Made

I've been using the Swiftpoint Z for 6 years now. I saw it on Kickstarter and really got excited with all the neat and new features that are offered that you can't find in any other mouse. Was a little hesitant as it's a company I've never heard of before back then, but it quickly became the best purchase i've ever made. With the great build quality, excellent features and customer support. What more could you want? Shortly after using it I quickly found out - it's more than just a gaming mouse and use it for all sorts of tasks all over the computer. I recommend this to anyone who's doing more than just - Looking at email, watching videos on the computer, 2D design, 3D modelling, gaming, any type of productivity work. This is the mouse for you and you can't go wrong.

Ricky - Swiftpoint Z User

Gaming Revolution - Pivot Tilt and Roll - Like a Joystick, Keyboard and Mouse 'all in one'.

Pivot, Tilt and Roll

The Swiftpoint Z was the world's first mouse to pivot tilt and roll allowing the user to lean their character left and right around obstacles. By attaching the included cradle to the bottom of the mouse, the Swiftpoint Z instantly became a joystick allowing the user to fly a plane or control a car.

Perfectly Positioned Buttons

Many mice pack in additional buttons around the thumb grip and all over the device. With the Swiftpoint Z we figured out a new way of clicking that means you can have more buttons, that are effortless to click with no finger or thumb contortions required. 

More Than Just A Mouse

Create custom profiles to optimize your gameplay or workflow for maximum speed and productivity throughout your gaming sessions and workday.

Every profile and customization you make with our software can be saved directly to your mouse. There are no limits on the kind of inputs or macros you can use when running without our software.

This Is How You Innovate

The mouse market has become extremely boring. The Swiftpoint Z is how you innovate. The additional fingertip buttons redefine how you can use a mouse - you will miss them if you go back to regular mice.

Phillip - Swiftpoint Z User

Accolades A Plenty

Back in 2016, the first version of the Swiftpoint Z gaming mouse was released on Kickstarter. The community helped us gain over 3000 pledges and raised over $500K USD - $1 million NZD. It's safe to say we took Kickstarter by storm. Shortly after the Kickstarter campaign finished, the Swiftpoint Z claimed three CES awards and was also awarded "Gaming Mouse Of The Year in 2017".

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