Award-winning hardware | 2x deep click buttons | Auto game detection and loading of expert profiles

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It’s time to change the game and play different!

TRACER is Swiftpoint’s latest premium gaming mouse, designed to help you play better and win more! With feedback from our previous 2017 CES gaming innovation of the year mouse, The Z, we were motivated to deliver on three key user requests when creating TRACER;

  1.  Awesome Driver Software: powerful, customizable, yet intuitive & easy-to-use
  2.  Auto-game detection:  expert profiles auto-loaded – play straight out of the box
  3.  Amazing Value: premium unique features like deep click but at an amazing price

Awesome Driver Software

We’ve been developing specialized software to support our unique hardware products for a decade now, and have learned a thing or two over the years. By leveraging our experience and building on our current software products we’ve come up with a powerful, yet user-friendly software suite for TRACER.

Not only has it had a ‘face-lift’ in terms of the way it looks, but it’s also now easier to set up and use. In fact, we’ve aimed to make it so easy to use, by adding auto-game detection and pre-loaded gaming profiles, that you don’t even need to touch it… unless you want to…


If you’re a ‘power user’ and want to personalize everything on your mouse you can do that too. In Expert Mode, users can drill down on any button they choose and record (or manually create) complex macros or combinations that will leave your competition’s head spinning!

Utilize any combination of mouse, keyboard and joystick/gamepad outputs, add wait timers or start and stop loops to give yourself the edge.

You can even set up button combinations for additional outputs. For example, set the bottom thumb button to your ‘melee attack’ and the top thumb button to ‘grenade’ –  but press them together to trigger a useful combo, such as ‘Crouch-Jump’.


Auto Game Detection

We know that setting-up and learning new software can be tedious, and take up valuable time that you’d rather spend gaming. So from installation right through to set up, we’ve made it easy. Plug TRACER in, download the software, begin playing your favorite game, and we’ll do the rest – it’s that easy!

TRACER’s software will detect what games you have installed on your computer and automatically install our expert profiles for any games we support, so you don’t have to spend time messing around with keybinds.

If you want to make tweaks to a profile, simply use the game-specific ‘action libraries’, which allows you to select what each button does from a dropdown list that matches the game you’re playing. No more switching between the game menu and your desktop to set up the software – customization made easy!

When you launch a game, TRACER will switch to the correct profile, automatically and instantly. No more forgetting to activate the correct profile, no more minimizing mid-game to access the software, and no need to create a single basic profile that sort of works (but not very well…) for every game you own.


Amazing Value

It’s not enough to just create a world-class gaming mouse, we wanted to make it as affordable as we could to get it into as many hands as possible.

With TRACER, we’ve opted to bring you a more streamlined feature-set to focus on the most loved features at a reduced price. We’ve then coupled this feature refinement with further savings by having our production team undertake an excruciating review of every single component of our Swiftpoint Z gaming mouse. They’ve optimized them to the nth degree to bring you the best possible price.

Adding to the impressive lineup of 13 buttons, TRACER’s two left mouse buttons have built-in pressure sensors. ‘Deep click’ gives you more buttons and more flexibility – click normally for one action, or harder for another action. Each ‘Deep Click’ button can have up to 3 actions assigned to it!

For example;

Fortnite – Shoot and then deep click to instantly build a wall

World of Warcraft – Trigger a skill and then deep click to activate it instantly.

Overwatch – Roadhog’s Shrapnel Ball, Chain hook, and melee attack

Some other useful examples include;

  • Crouch / prone – Press normally to crouch, press hard to instantly go prone
  • Sniper button – press one button reduce your sensitivity, then press harder to fire
  • Rapid reload / weapon switch – use left click to fire, then press hard to instantly begin reloading, or to switch to your secondary weapon
  • Or, use deep click to set up your own commonly used combo

International Award Winning Design

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Award-winning hardware | 2x deep click buttons | Auto game detection and loading of expert profiles

TRACER mouse, 4x sets of button caps, access to Swiftpoint advanced customization software including pre-made gaming profiles & action libraries.
SKU: SM700-T

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