Some quotes from the DVice News review by Lee Nakamoto, Posted 23rd November 2010.

“I rate this device as a 5/5 in both design and functionality.”

“It’s a uniquely shaped mouse that has the grip and feel of a very expensive pen.  It’s ergonomic design and strategically placed rubber surfaces offer the perfectly natural grip and feel that you wish all companies would take in consideration before launching new products.”

“This is more than the latest fad or cutting edge technology.  Swiftpoint identified a need and have decisively filled that need with a wonderful solution.  I won’t be using the trackpad of any laptop in the foreseeable future.”

“The pen-like grip feels very natural and comfortable for users to pick up.   Initially it’s such a different grip that it feels a little alien.  After using it a few times that foreign feeling disappears and it becomes such a natural grip that I now think of traditional mice as very uncomfortable to hold.”

“Connection to my Windows 7 PC and MAC were extremely easy.  No downloads or software installation was necessary.   You just plug it in, wait for the OS to recognize it and you are ready to go.”

“The best feature of the Swiftpoint Mouse was the scrolling function.  The tilt to scroll function is by far the coolest feature of this mouse.  There is a large scroll wheel on the right hand side.  You simply angle the mouse 45degrees to the right and roll up or down to scroll.  It is fantastic when surfing news sites/blogs or other websites that have lots of content on tall pages.”

“The mouse comes with a tiny USB receiver/charger.  It’s got some magnets on top that hold the mouse when docked and complete the electrical connections.  In the past 9 days that I’ve been using it, I have not needed to charge it yet.”

“Pick one up yourself, you will never go back to a trackpad once you have one.”

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