Some quotes from the Red Ferret review by Dan Ferris, Posted 17th December 2010.

“To say the Swiftpoint is well designed is like saying the Burj Dubai is a tall building.”

“It’s about the size of a zippo lighter, charges in 30 seconds and may just change the way you use your laptop forever.”

“It’s made of glossy black plastic with moulded rubber wherever your fingers make contact with it, even the main mouse button has a small rubber pad. The two buttons are different heights so you can easily distinguish between them.”

“The wheel is located on the side of the mouse and it’s much larger and wider than a typical mouse scroller, but you still operate it via the index finger or by tipping the mouse on its side.”

“The Swiftpoint people see their mouse as a replacement for the trackpad and have designed it to run on almost any surface including the palm-rests of laptops.”

“The fundamental feature of the Swiftpoint seems to be removing the disconnect between typing and using a mouse on laptops…The Swiftpoint brings the mouse to the keyboard and a lot more besides.”

“The USB wireless receiver dongle holds the Swiftpoint in place while it charges, or stores the Swiftpoint while you move your computer around.”

“If the Swiftpoint has run flat, dock it on the charger and it will receive a 30 second lightning charge (groan) that will keep the mouse running for an hour. Or you can let it charge for 90 minutes and the mouse should run for 2 — 4 weeks.”

“The scroll wheel behaves normally or you can tilt the mouse on its side drag the wheel on the desk, allowing you to power to the end of the document.”

“Another quite cool aspect of the Swiftpoint is its precision. The optical sensor is 1000dpi but the mouse itself is very precise. Because you’re moving it with your fingers instead of your hand and wrist, you can be much more precise in what your doing.”

“The Swiftpoint is a stunningly well-thought out bit of kit and is sure to make any road warrior worth-their-salt, way more productive on the road.”

“Possibly the best part of the Swiftpoint is the way it just slots itself into your computing life. Sure it might take five minutes of getting used-to but that’s it. You don’t need any software to get all the features, the dongle is pretty hard to lose, there’s no hunting around for another mouse if the battery has gone flat, it’s comfortable, it’s precise, it’s intuitive, and best of all it’s tiny. Swiftpoint are also offering a 30 day risk free trial, so do yourself and your wrists a favour and try one out. Seriously, it’s bloody brilliant.”

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