Readers Digest - Swiftpoint GT Ergonomic Mouse

The Swiftpoint GT was just featured in the latest post by Reader’s Digest in a wrap-up post promoting healthier workspace environments.

If you are using a laptop for work, you might find the included touch mouse pad a little fiddly, especially if you are spending long hours working or entering information in google sheets or forms.

Ergonomic design is one of the most critical features of the Swiftpoint GT and many customers and reviewers have written about the benefits of adopting a pen-like grip to reduce the impact of repetitive strain on our working hands. have put us up for the best mobile mouse ever! You can read their detailed Swiftpoint GT review on their blog:

For now check out the Reader’s Digest article that covers 9 simple tweaks to improve your workspace.

To learn more about the Swiftpoint GT you can check out the full product details and videos on our product page.

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