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2 reviews for TRACER Mouse

  1. sarah (verified owner)

    For me, the mouse is too light, if I take my hand off, the cursor drifts. General movement doesn’t feel as smooth as I am used to, but is very responsive(I just have a slight tremor and a weighted mouse helps smooth my movement). I have small hands, and tend to use a palm grip. With the size of the mouse, my fingertips stop at the cut and paste buttons, not the left and right click. I have to do a lot of re-positioning and still have a lot of miss triggers on the top buttons.
    The click action is satisfying, and overall the quality seems good. For me, I have better response and control with the Corsair M65, and will be going back to that. While this does feel like a good quality, sturdy plastic, I do prefer the feel of the metal body.
    It’s a good quality mouse. If you like a claw grip, low resistance, and the flexibility of customization, you will probably really like this. Unfortunately, it’s a miss for me.

  2. dstayton

    I’ve been using this mouse for quite a while now and I’ve completely fallen in love with it. I will admit the design looks like something from outer space but it’s usability completely overtakes that. I’ve found myself using the preconfigured profiles a lot such as on desktop using the trigger for screenshots and using abilities in destiny 2. I do recommend boosting the mouse sensitivity up because the default is way too low. I say if you have the money and are a big game to definitely get this mouse.

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