Some quotes from the review, (Translated from German) Posted 28th October 2010

“The Swift Point Mouse is in our opinion, in terms of mobility, design and battery life unbeatable!

“The conditions for the fingers are very handy and offer good support. Even the scroll wheel and left-click (button front) are rubberized and beautiful to touch.”

”The Swift Point Mouse, you can practically take anywhere. Due to the very compact size, it can be stowed in each case – at a pinch in the pocket.”

“The handling is very simple, but you have to first get used to it. After no more than an hour you got used to the Swift Point Mouse.”

“Basically you can use the Swift Point mouse on each matt and smooth surface. We have used the Swift Point your mouse on a normal mousepad, and on numerous other documents. The sensor has not failed us and directs the mouse perfectly.”

“Although the two mouse buttons are placed above the other, they can express themselves easily and conveniently. The pressure point is very good and you also notice, on which button you are.”

“It is ergonomically designed and makes sure that the fingers are pain free after several hours.”

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