Gamescom 2017 review - Swiftpoint Z blog post

Gamescom was absolutely buzzing this year. Held in Cologne, it truly is “The Heart of Gaming” with a record number of visitors (350,000) celebrating gaming culture at its finest. For more information about the event, you can read the Gamescom 2017 report.

The sheer size of the Koelnmesse is amazing and the atmosphere in the massive collection of halls and stands creates that feeling of being a kid in an epic candy shop! It really is an amazing show and well worth visiting. There’s constant music, buzz, and excitement at the live events. Everywhere you look you see the work of game developers, new tech and hardware displays, world class cosplay and merchandise as far as the eye can see!

The Swiftpoint team had a fantastic time over the event week, meeting distributors and resellers and a wide range of gamers that either knew about the product and wanted to learn more or were interested to hear more about it.

We really enjoy having the chance to talk about the features of the Swiftpoint Z and answer any questions that often come up about the tilt, pivot, and roll or the software and mappings. After showing off the Z, it’s very encouraging to hear people ask “are you selling them now? Where can I get one?” and topping it off with a friendly conversation about games and things going on in the industry made the 4 massive 11 hour days simply fly by. And to answer those 2 questions, “Yes, we certainly are selling The Z now. Just go to or and order online, or take a look at our current and growing list of resellers for a store near you.”

Here are a few photos from Gamescom 2017

total War Arena, gaming setup Gamescom 2017Swiftpoint Z at gamescomcomputer hardware designs by Inwinhardware stands at gamescompeople checking out games and systems at gamescom

The gamescom venue Koelnmesse

Gamescom is a pure mix of families, couples, older gamers and a solid mix of both guys and girls from all around the globe. The gaming industry is in full swing and after walking around the halls there is no doubt that everything is developing, growing and only going to get better and better as technology develops.

We noticed some great innovation for Inflight Gaming, one company Gladi8tor has developed a platform which will allow users to play games while on an international flight via Satellite. What better way of flying around the world clocking up some PUBG chicken dinners on those long hauls.

A common question that was asked about The Z at Gamescom was “will it work with any game?” It sure does! The software runs on your operating system and allows you to program it and then customise the mappings as you see fit. That’s why you can create multiple profiles for the specific games you play and change between them by tilting the mouse and entering the config mode.

For example, my current profile has a mix between work and gaming e.g PUBG profile + Elite Dangerous:

Thanks again to everyone that came and saw us at the show, if you have any questions about the Swiftpoint Z feel free to leave a comment below or contact us via the website or through social if you prefer!  Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

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