Some quotes from The Street review, Posted 10th February 2011.

“The Swiftpoint mouse is a heck of way to compute as you work on the go.”

“New Zealand-based Swiftpoint, has spent three full years(!) and, according to the product’s inventor, Grant Odgers, dozens of design iterations to improve nothing less than the portable computing mouse.”

“He lent me a demo Swiftpoint wireless mouse, and I have been testing it ever since. My verdict? Mr. Odgers might just have the computer mouse that roars.”

“At first blush, there is serious gadget shock with the Swiftpoint…But the packaging, instruction and overall design make getting the hang of the mouse a breeze.”

“As weird as this all sounds — and is, frankly — Odgers knew what he was doing: The ridge-mounted right and left click control buttons are easy to use, right where they should be under your forefingers. And the unit reduces the strain on your hands almost immediately. And with a bit of practice I could get the control wheel on the side of the mouse to control my work well. In fact, pointer accuracy was excellent. And the mouse can work on any surface — a tabletop, fold-down tray, hotel bedspread, you name it.”

“After about a week, the Swiftpoint quickly became the default way I work on my laptop.”

“The Swiftpoint mouse is, without question, state of the art for small-business travel peripherals. It is svelte, efficient, well-built and will save strain on your hands.”

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