Some quotes from the mac-nz review by Mark Webster, Posted October 8th 2010

“It’s a well-designed and put together object and it comes with a pretty amazing amount of extras considering it’s ‘just’ a little mouse.”

“…despite its tininess, it integrates a thumb-grip, middle finger grip, right-click button, left-click button, LED charger light and a status light, and a scrollwheel.”

“The USB receiver is tiny – you can leave it in the port and just dock the mouse whenever you want for a quick charge – and I mean quick! A 30-second charge gives you an hour of use – perfect for those plane trips!”

“The scrollwheel is quite big – that’s clever – you can literally tilt the whole thing (it’s very light) onto its right point and roll the wheel directly on your mousing surface for a fast scroll.”

“…all in all, it’s clear a whole lot of effort and expertise has been expended on this tiny device. It’s ingenious, frankly.”

“…much more handy and portable than a typical little mouse you might buy for laptop use, and it’s pretty neat you can use it on your actual MacBook’s spare real estate.”

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