Some quotes from the review by Jonathan Yaniv, Posted 18th November 2010.

“The SwiftPoint mouse is strongly suggested for all consumers to get.”

“No one these days likes those touchpads that come with laptops and today, as soon as a consumer gets a laptop, they disable that functionality. The people over at Swiftpoint understand this, and have invented an amazing product known as the Swiftpoint mouse.”

“When you first look at the SwiftPoint mouse, you will be like, what exactly is this? It’s so tiny! Well, it’s a mini mouse that is designed to replace today’s annoying touchpad. It’s so small that its extremely portable.”

“You can use it on your lap, on the laptop itself on the side, or wherever possible. The charging is phenomenal! For a one hour charge, you charge it for 30 seconds. Yes, that’s right folks, 30 seconds! It latches onto a small USB stick to charge the SwiftPoint device itself.”

“If you want the mouse to enable scrolling functionality all that is required is a simple tilt of the mouse!”

“Mouse controls are very simple. Left button on the front, right on the back, and the scroll wheel is on the right. As we talked earlier about charging, the Swiftpoint mouse comes with a small USB receiver that fixes itself to the unit through a magnet. No cords required.”

“Setting up the mouse on your PC or Laptop is a breeze. All you do is simply plug in the USB receiver. Nice thing is all the extra-functionality such as shortcuts work right out of the box!”

“There are several little features that bumped up our rating regarding its customization. What we found was there is a lock feature, so you don’t accidently move the cursor while typing (one of the major annoyances with touchpads).”

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