Some quotes from review, Posted 29th January 2011.

“The Swiftpoint mouse is a sublime little gadget that’s quickly become part of our travel bag essentials list.”

“It’s surprising just how many features there are packed into such a small gadget and really is quite a design feat.”

“The style of the mouse is very nice and it feels really comfortable to use fitting in well with your hand.”

“Swiftpoint has rather cleverly included in their USB transceiver a magnetic charging system which also doubles up as a dock.”

“It uses a 1000-DPI sensor so the sensitivity is just perfect for travel use. It’s slightly more than the 800-DPI standard in most other mouses but then you’d want it to be unless you want to be moving the mouse all over your desk just to get things done.”

“Clearly Swiftpoint have much a great deal of attention to detail in making sure that every design aspect of the mouse is just right and well, when you clearly have this level of attention to detail, you end up with a fantastic product.”

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