The long-awaited release of our newest Swiftpoint Z Driver update ( has now gone live!

With help from our supportive community, we have recently put this Driver/Firmware release through several weeks of Beta testing, resulting in us identifying a small number of bugs, which were promptly squashed.  We are confident that it is now better than it has ever been, and is ready for everyone to enjoy.

In this release, we’ve added several new features. You’ll now find that the Driver contains two new toggle options; one to ‘Auto-Release Inputs’ and the other to enable or disable “Tilt Auto-Zeroing”. The biggest change, however, is that the Driver now has a ‘Keyboard Input recorder’ (also known as, a macro recorder). Users no longer need to navigate drop-down boxes to select the keyboard commands that they wish to bind to mouse buttons. They can now simply press the ‘Record Keystrokes’ button, and then press the keyboard keys (or combination) that they wish to bind to their mouse.

This new build makes programming the Swiftpoint Z easier than ever and gives all users the ability to create awesome mappings, at (literally) the press of a button!

If you haven’t already updated to the newest version, you can update now by clicking on the menu icon in the top-left hand corner of the Swiftpoint Driver and selecting the ‘Check for New Updates’ option. If you’d like more detail about the changes, you can read the changelog here or visit our Swiftpoint community forums.

We’re excited to see hear you think!

3 thoughts on “Swiftpoint Z – PC Driver Update v.”

  1. Can I get an update on the development of the Mac driver?
    A suggestion: you guys can take inspiration from the Logitech MX drivers. Their gesture control is very handy.

    Also, is there a feature like the “Tactile Alert Customization” of the Steelseries where there is a vibration feedback when a skill is cooled down, or made a kill.

    I’m loving the mouse, use it mainly for 3d modelling in Rhino, but without the right driver it is so tedious to customise the shortcuts.

    1. Unfortunately I can’t provide a release date for the complete Mac configuration tool yet, but work is under way and you can be sure we will make some noise about it when we near its release.

      Regarding gesture functions these are actually already available in Z. Gestures controls can be created by adding a mouse movement input to any of the Z’s other inputs (buttons, tilts, deep clicks etc.).
      To do this just click the small ‘+ADD’ button in the driver which appears when you hover your cursor over an input and add a mouse movement input for each direction you want to create a gesture.

      Currently the Z cannot detect in-game events directly for vibration feedback. But a vibration alert for ability cool-downs could be created by adding a wait time that matches the skill cool-down time followed by a vibration to any button that triggers a skill.

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