Some quotes from the review by Bowman, Posted September 8th 2010

“If you hate touchpads on laptops and your looking to upgrade to a full mouse without losing portability the Swiftpoint mouse should be one of your top options.”

“Another major key in design was portability and with the mini usb docking station they have achieved probably the best portability a laptop mouse could have.”

“The magnet has a solid grip and no matter how you shake it the mouse will stay put.”

“…a cool quick charge feature that if you leave it on the charger for 30 seconds you will get a 1 hour charge and if you leave it on for a full 90 minutes you will get 2-4 weeks of battery life.”

“Overall hardware design is solid and the best portability and battery life I’ve seen for a laptop mouse.”

“The scroll is also unique with being able to use your flinger to scroll like an normal scroll wheel or use the surface to do it as well. Very unique idea with scroll and a cool option to have.”

Swiftpoint say “that its 30-40% more efficient than a touchpad and without a doubt it is and couple possibly be even higher than that.”

“On the parking accessory there is a magnetic spot that you can “park” your mouse on so  you can freely type and not worry about accidently mouse movements and clicks. This like the usb dock will make sure the mouse stays right where its at no matter how you shift or move around.”

“Swiftpoint shows that 18 months of development can really pay off as this mouse works and works very well right out of the gate.”

“If you are a designer or video editor and you use a laptop this mouse is what you have been waiting for as the portability is there and the experience is solid.”

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