Some quotes from BCCHardware review, Posted 21st March 2011.

“After using the SwiftPoint mouse for a month, it’s the last mouse I’ll ever need.”

“It’s incredibly light weight and small; about a third the size of my Microsoft 5000 desktop mouse and easily half the size of my Microsoft 6000 portable mouse.”

“Using the mouse today is completely natural and it’s easy to switch between the two should the need arise.”

“30 seconds provides up to one hour of use.  This is fantastic for those of us that are negligent frequent chargers.”

“During the month I’ve had the mouse I haven’t had a need to re-charge it yet.  This is amazing battery life given how small and light weight the mouse is.”

“Tilting the mouse to the side engages the scroll wheel with the mouse pad for rapid scrolling, and zooming.  This is an excellent feature that takes a little practice to get used to. The ‘one up’ for SlideScroll is the zooming ability engaged by left mouse button.  I use this feature daily.”

“Customizable ‘Up’ direction: Many people use their mouse at an angle for comfort and the ability to recalibrate which way is up is golden.”

“SmartTouch sensor: This is an excellent feature for parking the mouse without moving the pointer off screen.  I make use of this feature daily.”

“No Software:  A monumental plus for me is there’s absolutely no software needed to use all of the features!”

“Those looking for enhanced ergonomics may find it with the SwiftPoint mouse as I have.  I have found less wrist movement and more finger movement, and using the mouse everyday is comfortable.”

“I found the SwiftPoint mouse to provide enhanced precision during graphic manipulation thanks to its pen-like grip.”

“It was my goal to find the best portable mouse that I could use with every application and game that I wanted, and that’s exactly what I found.”

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