VMware and the Swiftpoint GT mouse - the Swiftpoint GT is the world's most comfortable mouse for VMware Horizon Client users that are using remote desktop applications for work and productivity.

Introducing ‘Generation 3’ of our Pen-grip Mice

The Swiftpoint GT is no longer in production – we went back to the drawing board, improved everything that people loved, and added more innovative features. We’re super excited to introduce Generation 3 of our Pen-grip mice, ProPoint mouse and presenter!

VMware & the Swiftpoint mouse

Are you using your iPad or iPad Pro and a keyboard when using VMware Horizon Client?  With the Swiftpoint mouse, you can enjoy a true desktop experience on your iOS device.

VMware Horizon Client supports the Swiftpoint mouse to provide precise mouse functionality on your iOS device – giving you increased efficiency, productivity and enjoyment on your device.

Here is what you need to know:

  • Wireless with USB and Bluetooth
  • Ergonomic design so very comfortable to use
  • RapidCharge™ 60sec charge last for up to an hour,
    2 hour charge will last up to two weeks
  • Enables touch gestures with non-touch screens
  • Tilt mouse for stylus use
  • Works on Mac, Windows, iOS and Android devices
  • Comes with handy carry case
  • 12 month warranty
  • Visit the ProPoint page for more info
USD $149.90

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