Some quotes from the Computerworld review by Barbara Krasnoff, Posted September 10th 2010

“…after working with it for a couple of weeks, I’m pretty much a convert.”

”You can use the mouse (rather than your touchpad) on any surface — not only on the table next to your laptop, but also on the surface of the laptop itself, making it easier to work with your computer on your lap or in an airplane seat.”

“I approached the Swiftpoint with not a little suspicion — it looked so small that I couldn’t imagine it was comfortable to use. But after working with it for a couple of weeks, I’m pretty much a convert.”

“I found the Swiftpoint simple to operate and much better for long computing sessions than the netbook’s touchpad.”

“The two buttons are well placed — your forefinger rests directly on the larger “left” button; the “right” button is slightly in front of it and raised so that your finger can find it immediately. When I wanted to use the scroll wheel, it was a simple matter to shift my forefinger slightly to the right.”

“Despite the fact that my netbook doesn’t offer a lot of free surface — and has a rather shiny, slick surface, which isn’t ideal for the mouse — I was able to use the Swiftpoint quite comfortably while the computer was on my lap.”

“The Swiftpoint mouse can be very useful for owners of laptops and netbooks, especially if they find themselves working with their systems on their lap or in confined spaces.”

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