Some quotes from the review by James Trauben and , Posted 8th January 2011.

“Wow. I mean, wow. The Swiftpoint may be the coolest accessory for laptops I’ve ever seen.”

“Swiftpoint Ltd is off to a fine start with its Swiftpoint wireless mouse, awarded the CES Innovations 2011 award.”

“The diminutive mouse is a radical departure from conventional wireless and laptop mice, developed with a focus on mobile users. Held with three fingers in a pen-style grip with buttons arranged in a row along the mouse’s crest, it fits easily into the palm. The Swiftpoint is designed for use atop the laptop’s palm rest next to the touchpad, but has a wireless range of 30 feet. It can zoom, page, and scroll with specialized gestures, and includes two buttons and a track wheel.”

“The Swiftpoint was developed over the course of four years and ten prototypes, and has met widespread acclaim. It won the Computer Shopper Editor’s Choice in September 2010 and was one of the 2010 100 Popular Science Best of What’s New choices.”

Trauben’s Impressions

“Wow. I mean, wow.”

“This little thing is amazing. I didn’t even get that long to acclimate myself to it and I could easily see why it has won as many awards as it has. It’s very receptive and fluid with , and the design is more natural and elegant than simply transposing a desktop mouse to a smaller size.”

“I could easily see this being a frequent traveler’s best friend when using their laptop on a plane or in a cramped web café.”

“What really impresses me is the charging and transportation aspects. Incorporating a magnet into the tiny docking station to secure the mouse is an elegant solution, and getting two weeks’ minimum worth of operating time for an hour and a half’s charging time…”

Huneycutt’s Impressions

“The Swiftpoint may be the coolest accessory for laptops I’ve ever seen.”

“The Swiftpoint is a brilliant solution to every problem the laptop/netbook presents. Its small, its portable, it docks magnetically onto the USB dongle, its super sensitive, it has a 2-4 WEEK BATTERY LIFE with an ability to create a one-hour use quick-charge in 30 seconds, and at a $69.99 price point and world-wide availability, my only question is, WHY DON’T YOU OWN ONE ALREADY? I’ve ordered one. Already. You should too. Now. Even if you don’t own a laptop.”

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