• Ergonomic vertical pen-grip mouse & health software for home or office

    • REDUCE YOUR PAIN & DISCOMFORT - The unique ergonomic pen-grip aligns your arm, hand & wrist in a neutral pain-free position.
    • AS LIGHT AS A FEATHER - weighing less than 1 ounce (only 24 grams) PenPoint is lightweight & compact enough to be used comfortably with a wrist brace.
    • BUILT-IN HEALTH SOFTWARE - use our best practice settings, or create your own personalized program based on your needs.
    • ENDORSED BY PROFESSIONALS - “This is one of the best, most well-designed products I’ve seen in the Ergonomic space for years.” – Dr Kevin Taylor, Wellnomics
    • MANY HAPPY CUSTOMERS - “The Swiftpoint mouse changed my life, it is the most comfortable mouse I’ve ever used” – Matthew, Norway
      • Form

        CES award winning, patented, ergonomic pen-grip design

        Size and weight

        Ultra-compact 2.2 x 1.6 x 1.3 inches (5.6 x 4 x 3.3 cm). Weighs only 24 grams (less than 1 ounce)


        2 buttons plus a soft-touch mechanical scroll wheel


        Bluetooth 4.0 - Wirelessly connect to your devices. USB receiver available separately


        1800 DPI Optical sensor


        Built-in Gyroscope for smooth zooming, panning, rotating


        USB Rapid Charge magnetic charger - 60 second charge gives 1 hours use

        Battery life

        Up to 2 weeks on a full charge

        Device compatibility

        Windows, MacOS, Android, iPadOS

        Video conference presenter

        Highlight, spotlight and mark-up while sharing screens

        Health and wellbeing driver software

        Rest, break and limit management, usage reports and statistics

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      *Launch special includes a free travel case.

      Compare Swiftpoint Mice

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      *Launch special includes a free travel case.

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 6 reviews Please write a review

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 6 reviews
      Alice Lee
      Best mouse ever

      This is hands down the best mouse I've ever used. I work as a teacher and am constantly on my desktop or laptop, and I take my Propoint everywhere. I've recommended it to all of my colleagues since supporting this mouse as a Kickstarter campaign a few years ago. All of them sign high praises for this mouse. This time around, I've organized 8 other people to buy the mouse! I should be a regional rep for Swiftpoint! Also, shoutout to Swiftpoint customer service for being really responsive and professional.

      Smart Shopper

      This is a very unique mouse that is easy to handle and it reduced the pain on the wrist. At first it is really difficult to use but after spending some time you get use to it.


      I have been using vertical mice for over 10 years and was recently on the hunt for a new one that wasn't too large in my hand. I have been using the DELUX Ergonomic Wireless Mouse with USB Receiver and Removable Wrist Rest most recently, and have been pretty happy with it. Then came this mouse.
      This is more like holding a pen than a mouse. It is much smaller in person than it appears in many of the photos. I like the positioning of the buttons for the most part, but you do have to move your finger back and forth between the left and right mouse buttons since one is in back of the other. The wheel placement is okay but it is not clickable. It would have been nice if the mouse wheel could be clicked and use as the right button instead of the right button being behind the left (front) button.
      I highly suggest that you watch some product tutorial videos of this mouse in action, it will help a lot. I love the feature where you can tilt the mouse on its side and use it as if you were pointing on a touchscreen, flicking and scrolling on the desk to navigate. It is one of my favorite parts about this mouse. The software for customizing it is also great.

      Virgil H.

      I'm a geek and a professional Tech; this is slick. You get functionality (watch the video!!!) that works out of the box and I've connected it to android phones, tablets, surface books, and a mac. FLAWLESS. I was a huge skeptic, but I literally JUST ORDERED THE PRO VERSION at full price -- no "vine" program. I thought it was a one-off, goofball product that might be over-hyped. NOPE. This is cool and functional all day long. BONUS: pull it out at work or anywhere else and you get a lot of "what in the world???" comments. That's fun.

      Darlaina Dancer
      My Mouse Hand Feels 30 Years Younger

      I'm in love! I'm in love with a mouse - the Swiftpoint PenPoint Ergonomic Mouse & Office Health Software. It feels unfamiliar as I'm learning new habits of what to click but after using I clearly notice a strong improvement in my mouse hand which feels so much more relaxed and youthful than my left hand! Simply amazing.

      This mouse is built really well and quite cleverly. It is easy and less awkward to make all the new movements as compared to traditional palm-sized mice included the ergonomic ones. I love the tilt feature for moving/scrolling. I am using it with my Microsoft Surface Pro LTE newest version and also noticed that it is more responsive when casting to my HDTV than the Bluetooth mouse I was using; I see no delay in the casting image as compared to the Surface screen image. This is also a huge unexpected plus I was not anticipating.