Our Story

Swiftpoint was originally founded with the primary objective of creating better solutions for the inefficient laptop trackpad. Even today, Internet forums are full of users saying why they hate the trackpad. Surely there must be a better way. And so Swiftpoint’s journey began in 2011 with designing and creating its first award winning pen-grip mouse.

Since then, we’ve continued to innovate with new generations of premium ergonomic mice.

With over one billion office workers in the world using the computer mouse for several hours a day, it amazes us at Swiftpoint how poor the ergonomics actually are and the lack of innovation devoted to the mouse over the last few decades. Our WHY, our driving purpose is to create truly ergonomic mice for YOU. 

Ergonomics has been used by marketers to describe a products design which confuses the real meaning of ergonomics, namely "human performance, efficiency, and safety." At Swiftpoint we strive every day to build the most ergonomic, most efficient, most comfortable, and most productive computer mice in the world.

Swiftpoint's mission statement

Our premium ergonomic mice include several world firsts, including: -

  • The only patented award-winning pen-grip designed mouse.
  • The only mouse in the world with full Windows gesture support built in.
  • The only mouse in the world with a full stand-up presentation clicker. A true 2 in 1 device.
  • The worlds most programable mouse ever with the Z.
  • The only mouse in the world with built-in health and wellbeing software.
  • The only mouse in the world with a WFH (Work From Home) toolkit built in.

These ‘firsts’ all come from our WHY and our drive to build better mouse solutions.