When we launched ProPoint the goal was to create one tool, that could do it all. Now we’ve taught ProPoint to communicate with the smart devices in your home. Watch the video below to find out more!


The mouse designed for iPad including dedicated iOS App

At last you can use a mouse with your iPad!

No more lugging around a bulky laptop, power supply and a bag full of accessories. PadPoint has been designed to be the perfect partner to your iPad.

Connect PadPoint via Bluetooth, attach a keyboard and your iPad becomes a laptop – it’s that easy!

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We’ve gone back to the drawing board on our ergonomic pen grip mouse (Swiftpoint GT), improved everything that people loved, and added more innovative features. We’re starting production and are super excited to announce Generation 3 of our pen grip mouse & presenter, called ProPoint™.


Travel Mouse and Presenter

The perfect productivity tool for all of your travel needs. Wireless, lightweight and portable, TRACPOINT is small enough to be used on virtually any surface – even your laptop palm rest or flight tray! 

Add in the integrated presenter and you no longer need to carry an extra device. Easily flick between slides or take your presentations to the next level by using the brand new SpotPoint presentation tool to highlight what’s most important!

With TRACPOINT Travel Mouse and Presenter you can be just as productive on the move as you are in the office.

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Swiftpoint Z

Place your hand on The Z and feel intuitive control beyond anything you’ve experienced before, now you’ll understand why it was voted CES Gaming Innovation of The Year.

When playing FPSs, Third Person Shooters, MMOs / RPGs, MOBAs or games with driving or flying, The Z’s precision, speed, and intuitive control will bring more realism to your game and give you the edge.

It’s time to Play Different with the Swiftpoint Z gaming mouse.

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Watch a review of the Swiftpoint Z from the team at ‘Unwrap’


Introducing the ProPoint™ Mouse & Presenter. The introduction video to take a closer look at its major benefits and features.

Swiftpoint Z

Watch the Swiftpoint Z video and see how we’ve made the most advanced gaming mouse yet.

About Swiftpoint

We are an award winning company specialising in advanced Human Computer Interface (HCI) software and devices.

Award winning

Humble and proud to be recognised as true innovators, we acknowledge that ideas need to be validated by our end users. We hope to constantly improve what we do and thank everyone for their support and recognition for our efforts.


All of us at Swiftpoint are striving for efficiency and enjoyment. Most people have been using a standard computer mouse for years and we wanted to improve that experience by adding new features through clever design, testing and innovation.

We achieved that with the Swiftpoint GT and again with the Z.


Our ideas are constantly evolving and by investing time and resources into the development process we are able to take the best mouse concepts and work the designs to create products that will change the way you work and play on a computer.

Latest News

Control Panel Version

  Hey ProPoint users! We have just released a new update for the Windows Control Panel which addresses some bugs. You can download it here.  This update comes with a revised UI – Making it easier to access the controls you want in a more logical manner. To see the full list

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Swiftpoint Z – PC Driver Update v.

The long-awaited release of our newest Swiftpoint Z Driver update ( has now gone live! With help from our supportive community, we have recently put this Driver/Firmware release through several weeks of Beta testing, resulting in us identifying a small number of bugs, which were promptly squashed.  We are confident that it is

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ErgoExpo 2018

The National Ergonomics Conference & ErgoExpo boasts the title of the industry’s largest and longest running expo of its kind. Every year the expo features hundreds of exhibitors offering thousands of ergonomic and safety products — and we’re excited to announce that this year Swiftpoint is one of them! With the very

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