Swiftpoint Z - Gaming Mouse Evolution

If you're a Gamer, Designer or a Power User, The Z will let you interact with your computer in a faster, more precise & intuitive way.

  • Gyro For Tilt Gestures & Analog Tilt Control
  • Click Normally, or Click Harder using Force Sensors & Vibration Feedback
  • OLED screen for easy configuration

Successful Kickstarter Project

Exceeding the pledged goal of $140,000 with 3,069 backers The Z project raised $514,140 to take the prototype ideas into a commercial product.

Massive Personalization

Plug in and then customize your gaming style. Our programmable software allows you to create the perfect game profile. Easily change profiles with the click of a button. You can modify your mouse experience by changing button size, shape and placement.

Swiftpoint Z Customize your mouse


We are an award winning company specialising in advanced Human Computer Interface (HCI) software and devices.


All of us at Swiftpoint are striving for efficiency and enjoyment. Most people have been using a standard computer mouse for years and we wanted to improve that experience by adding new features through clever design, testing and innovation. We achieved that with the Swiftpoint GT and again with the Z.


Our ideas are constantly evolving and by investing time and resources into the development process we are able to take the best mouse concepts and work the designs to create products that will change the way you work and play on a computer.


Technology is moving along beautifully. We identify opportunities to integrate the best technology and components with the ideas we believed software could deliver. Our projects are constantly evolving so visit us for updates as we launch them.

Award winning

Humble and proud to be recognised as true innovators, we acknowledge that ideas need to be validated by our end users. We hope to constantly improve what we do and thank everyone for their support and recognition for our efforts.


With a passion for efficiency and a focus on the end user, we pride ourselves in delivering products of exceptional quality while listening and acting on valuable feedback.


Inventors love problems and view them as challenges. The sense of achievement associated with creating a solution to a real problem gets us going each day. Please share with us any experience you have while using our products. You are the reason for us being here.


The Swiftpoint Z is here and ready to order. Orders of the Z can have free shipping

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