Elevate Your Comfort with ProPoint: The Ergonomic Mouse Designed for Pain Relief

Say goodbye to wrist-pain with Propoint - ergonomic travel mouse

✨ Say goodbye to wrist strain with its comfy pen-like grip

 🌐 Work from anywhere – cafe, plane, couch – no desk needed

 🎥 Seamlessly switch to Air Presenter mode for presentations

 📱 iPad compatible, control Windows/Mac apps on your iPad.
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Money back guarantee, if our mouse doesn't relieve pain symptoms.

" Been dealing with repetitive stress issues for years. Tried everything without relief. Then found Swiftpoint. Problem solved. Been using it for 3 months. No more hand pains and I use a computer ~12 hours a day (programming), so heavy user. "

- Kirk, Verified Buyer

" I have severe arthritis in my hands. ProPoint makes it really easy for me to use my computer. Being able to use a mouse that I can manipulate really easily without a lot of movement is really cool. The difference is night and day for me. "

- Peter, Verified Buyer

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Comfort That Keeps You Going:
The Pen-Grip Mouse Advantage

Master Precision, Minimize Pain

By mimicking the natural and relaxed grip of a pen, ProPoint significantly reduces the strain on your wrist, fingers, and forearm, making it the ideal choice for working travelers and digital nomads who spend extensive hours with a mouse.

Your Solution to Pain-Free Productivity on the Go

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“I have trigger finger, and hours of mouse work with the Apple mouse for work and games leave my hand hurting and cramped. This device is the most natural pointing experience I can imagine. I had to use my Apple mouse recently while this charged and it felt like using a bar of soap. Definitely a new generation of device.”

- John

Verified Buyer

“I have been having issues with my wrist for a while and found this mouse. I thought it would be hard to get use to, but I was wrong. This has been so easy to use and has helped my wrist a lot. I’m not in pain at all and it’s really helped my days go smoother. I highly recommend this for anyone who is on a computer all day long. You can’t go wrong with this mouse!”


Verified Buyer

“It's such an amazing tiny little mouse. But Functions as you would expect from a normal mouse. You hold something quite similar to a pen or stylus. It's generally quite comfortable. I had my doubts about it at first but since I've been using it the last year or so it's been quite good. I mean you get the full functionality you would off of a normal mouse, you don't get as tired or fatigued as you would using my normal size mouse and you can use it in places where you wouldn't normally have space to use a normal size mouse.”

- G

Verified Buyer

Travel Without the Strain - Discover ProPoint

CES Winning Design

Over 1m+ Raised

Patented Design

Ease Wrist Pain with ProPoint's Pen-Grip Innovation

Ergonomic Pen-Grip Design

Crafted to align with the natural posture of your hand and wrist, promoting a more comfortable and strain-free experience.

Effortless Control

The genius of the pen-grip lies in its ability to be controlled primarily through finger movements. Unlike traditional mice that require whole wrist and arm motion, ProPoint allows for precise cursor control with minimal finger movements.

Backed By Science

Experts have long advocated for tools that adapt to natural hand movements and reduce strain. Studies support the use of ergonomic devices like ProPoint, which are shown to lower the risk of RSI and carpal tunnel syndrome.

Leave Your Desk Behind

The compact size and precise control means you need less desk space to maneuver. This is particularly beneficial in cramped workspaces or while working on the go.

Various Grips and Movements

Whether you're dragging, dropping, or navigating intricate designs, the pen-grip accommodates a range of motions with ease.

Ergonomic Pen-Grip Design:

ProPoint's revolutionary pen-grip design reduces the strain on your wrist and fingers, a common issue for frequent mouse users. This design ensures a more natural hand position, significantly lowering the risk of developing RSI.

Intuitive Tilt Gestures:

Say goodbye to repetitive strain. ProPoint's tilt gesture technology allows you to perform tasks with simple wrist movements, minimizing the need for constant clicking and dragging that leads to fatigue and discomfort.

Comfortable for your wrist

Take the strain away from your wrist by using a mouse that just requires your fingers.

Lightweight for Easy Handling:

Weighing significantly less than traditional mice, ProPoint is designed for ease of transport and use. Its lightweight nature means less muscular strain, making it ideal for long hours of use, whether in a hotel room or an airport lounge.

Customizable Button Layout:

Tailor ProPoint to your needs. Customize its buttons to your most-used functions, reducing repetitive movements and further protecting you from the risks of RSI.

How We Compare



Vertical-Grip Mouse

Claw Grip Mouse

Traditional Ergonomic Mouse


Pen-grip design

Ergonomic, handshake position

Varies, may cause fatigue

Designed for reduced hand strain


Portable, pen-grip form factor

Moderate portability

Portable, but size may vary


Cursor Control & Accuracy

High precision with gesture control

Good precision for general use

Good precision for quick movements

Less accurate and requires more movement

Customizable Buttons

Programmable buttons

Limited customization options

Usually has customizable buttons

Not often programmable


One size fits all

Varies, usually bulkier

Varies, can be compact or large

Varies, designed for different hand sizes

Practical Usage

Practical usage for travel and office

General use, reduces wrist strain

Gaming and fast cursor movements

General use, reduces hand strain

Ergonomics Meets Innovation: Your Guard Against RSI

Ergonomic Design to Prevent RSI: Say goodbye to wrist pain. ProPoint's unique design reduces the risk of Repetitive Strain Injury, a common issue for frequent laptop users.

Light and Easy: Its lightweight build means less strain on your hand, perfect for those long flights or coffee shop work sessions.

Stress-Free Usage: With ProPoint, work becomes less about discomfort and more about productivity, no matter where you are.

Have Questions? We've Got Answers

Weighing significantly less than traditional mice, ProPoint is designed for ease of transport and use. Its lightweight nature means less muscular strain, making it ideal for long hours of use, whether in a hotel room or an airport lounge.

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Customer Reviews

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Difficult to Use

Maybe I have not yet given it enough time but I find this difficult to use. I love the size and the idea. But manipulating the mouse is quite difficult.

Hi Bob,

Thank you for the review. It's unfortunate to hear that you are experiencing some difficulties adjusting to your mouse. Transitioning from a mainstream mouse to one of our pen-grip mice does come with a learning curve, and we understand that they may not be suitable for everyone due to their unique shape and feel.

We would like to offer our assistance and discuss your concerns further. Could you please email us at support@swiftpoint.com, mentioning that you've referred to this review, and kindly outline the challenges you're facing? We are eager to help guide you towards heightened productivity and genuine ergonomic comfort.

Sean and the Swiftpoint Team.


Tried reaching out to the company to return it and haven’t heard back from them at all. Very disappointing customer service.

The Swiss Army Knife of Mice

Great product - a very versatile mouse!

Thank you for the awesome 5 star review Peter.

The Swiss Army Knife Of Mice is an awesome title and one that we will use in the future.


Pro point excellence

This is the best laptop mouse money can buy. Small, comfortable and versatile. You will even start using it on your desktop. The only thing I would add is a freewheeling option for fast scrolling with a metal wheel to add rotational momentum.

Hi Jonathan,

Thank you for the awesome 5 star review. So glad that you like your new ProPoint mouse and you can use it across all your devices.


Ryan Law