Swiftpoint Z

Swiftpoint Z Gaming Mouse

Voted Computer Innovation of the Year

Play Different.

USD $229.00

Place your hand on The Z and feel intuitive control beyond anything you've experienced before, now you'll understand why it was voted CES Gaming Innovation of The Year.

"This mouse has an accelerometer, gyroscope, 50 buttons, and an OLED display to make you the ultimate gamer", The Verge

For Gamers, Designers and Power Users

Swiftpoint Z


We've built in a gyroscope, accelerometer, force sensors, OLED screen, on-board memory, pro-gamer optical sensor, and a resonant actuator, to make...

The Z - Winner Gaming Innovation of the Year, CES

...the most epic gaming mouse

"Unprecedented control without compromising on comfort", Digital Trends

"Hands-down the coolest and most innovative mouse I've seen in a decade of reviewing PC gaming peripherals" PC Game Examiner

World's first mouse with tilt & pivot

Sensors detect how hard you click for deep clicks with vibration feedback

Unique button placement for effortless finger access to 16 click actions

Tilt left & right for direct analog control of the steering wheel

...and while driving 

Place the mouse on the flight stick extender to take full control of pitch, roll and yaw in flight games

Watch the full video to learn about the other unique features

Press harder on a button
and unleash a stronger attack

You can use Deep Click in an analog mode to have direct throttle or speed control when driving, flying or running

In a First-Person Shooter… right click to bring up your scope, click deeper to zoom in, then deeper again to hold your breath and steady your sights… now take the shot.

For games that have light and heavy attacks, use normal click for a light attack, or click harder to launch a heavy attack....

The main left and right buttons and two fingertip buttons can activate a Deep Click.

Configure the amount of force that suits you (from easy to ‘off’), and The Z gives you tactile feedback to let you know when it’s activated...

5 Pressure Sensitive buttons with vibration feedback

Lightning fast access to 18 button actions while barely moving your fingers

Use the underside of your fingers to click the trigger buttons. 

Main buttons are flat relative to the desk surface for ‘nudge reduction’ and higher precision

"The Z is here, and now mouse makers the world over have a lot of catching up to do" Overclock 3D

Product Overview & Specifications

  • Long and short fingertip caps x2
  • Tall and short trigger caps x2
  • FlightStick extender
  • Adjustable tilt feet
  • Lock out feet
  • Travel case

Accessories Included

Customise the Buttons.

Choose the button sizes that suit your hand.

Tilt or No Tilt.

Choose between having tilt or not. It's your choice! 

What's included in the box

Swiftpoint Z

When playing FPSs, Third Person Shooters, MMOs / RPGs, MOBAs or games with driving or flying, The Z’s precision, speed, and intuitive control will bring more realism to your game and give you the edge.

It’s time to Play Different.

Swiftpoint Z mouse, travel case with accessories.

SKU: SM700

USD $229.00

"The amount of things I can do with it is awesome. The ergonomics of the mouse are perfect in my opinion, I love the texture of the mouse as well as the rubber on the thumb."

"The packaging was fantastic. And I absolutely love the carry case with all of the different options.

Setting up the software was not difficult and I was in and customizing my own buttons in no time.

All of the buttons are great and while they take a little bit of training of your hand you can gain a ton by using them. Some people may worry about accidentally hitting buttons, but in my experience, this really is not an issue. The mouse is very comfortable in hand. I love the screen that is on the mouse. Being able to tilt it up and enter config mode to change DPI or profile is amazing"

"First impressions were I would love using the mouse with all the buttons and having 6 buttons at the fingers would be awesome. Thumb buttons and offset index finger buttons are a very nice touch as well and very useful in games like PUBG and Fornite with switching inventory slots"

"I was slightly intimidated by the.. what I like to call 'transformers' look of the mouse; I quickly realised it's quite ergonomic for the most part. The black finish and overall simple aesthetics of the mouse very much appeal to me as you haven't gone for the... "Just dump RGB all over it" approach. Furthermore the mouse is comfortable to use as it perfectly adapts to my hand which is a big plus. The two thumb buttons still allow for me to use my mouse exactly how I did (pretty much just throwing push to talk features on the thumb buttons) whilst having access to alt tabbing and even better, unique controls on stream. I've had quite a lot of fun binding one of the fingertip buttons to simply be cntrl which allows me to switch scenes and enable sources on OBS without having to think too much about it. The customisation allows me to dive into deeper waters yet still keep it nice and shallow if I want."

"Getting the driver was easy, nice to see the extra features with the driver software also

a plus. Mouse has good movement across the mouse mat, really solid in that regard. Unboxing was nice, was impressed with travel case. "

"The initial set up was incredibly easy. So far I have been using the mouse in FPS / TPS games such as Destiny 2 & Fortnite not really needing extra binds in D2, but in Fortnite however it is incredibly nice having quick access buttons that aren't your normal MMO mouse types. For building in this game the finger buttons come in incredibly handy".

"I tried the mouse 8 hours yesterday and today I tried it for 6 hours and so far I can tell you that I love it. It has so many features that I’ve yet to explore I absolutely love it. Great piece of work and very satisfied so far with it."

"This mouse is insane. This is like the coolest thing I own now."

"The buttons feel great. I love the placement of them so far. The mouse is just light enough for my style. Haven't gotten into the tilting controls yet, but they are definitely a plus to have. Love the look of it. The DPI has awesome range"

"I have been using it and I have to say that it is awesome! Change dpi on the fly and very customizable. The sensitivity is true to the current dpi. Little to no drag on my mouse mat. Also has a perfect weight to it. Not too light or not too heavy"

"I have very little hands and I found the left and right main click buttons are too long and far for me and so using the deep buttons as the main left and right are actually amazing - I've used a few mice and I've never felt more comfortable or skilled in games (pubg) I'm winning most gun fights now and I don't know why but it's so smooth"

"Adding the buttons took a couple of seconds to get used to but once I saw where everything goes it was very user friendly. Software is easy to download (no messing around with discs) and was easy, for me at least, to navigate as I have set up a mouse with side buttons several times."

"It's beautiful, I love the features, the customization. I adore the LED's, the OLED screen, the feel is pretty nice."

Streamers now using the Z

"The packaging was super nice, really enjoyed that it came with a case. Also the mouse itself felt really nice to hold in my hand, and the buttons feel really sturdy and not flimsy. I really love the vibration, the OLED screen, and the fact that you can change the color of the logo. Also the weight and fit (despite the size) of the mouse is very comfortable."

"Chicken Dinner, first game, with the new mouse!  Lets go..."RoboDanjal, PUBG Corp

Dan from PUBG Corp, took the Swiftpoint Z for a run on his live Mixer stream and put it's features to the test. After unboxing the Z and walking through a complete setup of the mouse, he went on to get a Chicken Dinner! It's now his go to mouse! 

I use this with my Mac most of the time. The mouse is AMAZING. The design, feel, feedback and customizations are insane. It works with a Mac, but I wouldn't necessarily recommend it. If you have a Windows computer this thing is a no brainer. I'm a computer peripheral fanatic, and I've owned literally everything under the sun. Razer and Logitech are great products, but they're merely point and click (#pun). This thing, with enough time, can actually change the way you use a mouse, both for productivity and gaming. The build quality will hold up so even though it's the only one on the market with these features you won't need or want to replace it any time soon. 

Nothing works as good as my Z Mouse on a Windows PC.

I only gave it 4 stars because OSX support is basically non-existent and I think slight tweaks to the mold and button positions can be improved for smaller hands (the mouse is large compared say the Razer Naga Trinity). I'm eagerly awaiting the next iteration in a year or two.

Dan Sabin March 1, 2018

This mouse is pretty incredible! It takes a bit to get use to all the new features because it is unlike any other mouse but when you do, wow! I have been able to map so many windows shortcuts that using a keyboard rarely happens. In games I'm able to do actions faster while I'm moving because I can still use WASD. While it might seem expensive, its packed with way more tech than any other mouse on the market.

Paul April 5, 2018

this mouse is super awesome but there are much update to do in software like way to add new logo to oled display.

Akila Jayarathna February 3, 2018

I'm really enjoying this mouse.

I'm a gamer and it is for gaming I've been using it.

Looking forward to updates for the driver software.

Marius Nielsen January 16, 2018

Swiftpoint Z Reviews

As a mouse, it's unparalleled in my experience. It feels great, it enough buttons for me to map things well in any game short of an MMO, and the programmability of the drivers is great. I particularly like how profiles "inherit" from other profiles, which lets me define a common set of defaults in a generic FPS profile, for example, then customize as needed for different FPS games. However, the mouse that cries out for customization and multiple profiles has one big Achilles heel at present: it has no automated means of loading profiles. The result is that you have to fiddle around with the driver screen every time you want to play a different game or come back to the Windows desktop. The devs said they had this on their list prior to launch, but my calls for an auto-load feature seem to have fallen on deaf ears since and they seem uninterested in open-sourcing their drivers so the community could build upon their glacial pace of driver development. In short, if you want the best mouse for a few games, or if you (unlike me) don't mind lots of fiddling with the driver screen, then this is the best choice among all the gaming mice out there as far as I'm concerned.When you spend way too much time using a mouse you really appreciate a mouse that doesn't leave your wrist sore. I have one of these at home and one at work and the size, accuracy and quick charge time that these mice offer puts them in a league of their own. No other mouse or stylus or touch pad I have ever used are worthy of being compared with the Swiftpoint IMHO. Thanks Swiftpoint for saving me from RSI and enabling me to continue to work in my chosen profession.

John Williston January 16, 2018

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"Since the update five days ago, I've been figuratively throwing everything I've got at this thing, and both the mouse as well as its software seem incredibly rock-solid. Moreover, the support, feedback, and transparency of your team is absolutely unparalleled in this industry. I simply couldn't be happier with my purchase, and you've made a loyal fan for life out of me, my family, and my friends!" - Kevin aka "Skip"

“Thank you, Guys. It became my Mouse 3 Days ago and its the best Mouse I have ever used.” - Roland Mayer

"Now that I've figured out how to map things, the Swiftpoint Z is an ideal mouse for Rainbow Six: Siege. I can lean instantly by tilting the mouse, cycle fire modes, drop DPI for long-range sniping, whip out my side arm--all far more quickly and fluidly than before. I just bought a second one for my other computer.” - John Williston

“The mouse is brilliant and its ergonomic design is one of the best, I have ever experienced.” - Jan Hradil

“I do want to say thank you to you and the Swiftpoint team - the Z is a great gaming mouse and I’m very happy to have added it to my arsenal.” - Erin E

“Really nice work with this mouse, kick the pants of my RAT 7, which is now gathering dust.” - Paul Guinibert

“I backed the Z mouse and since I got it , I do not use any other mouse , its by far the best mouse I ever used.”. - Sami Hamouri

Feedback and Comments

Frequently Asked Questions

What games and /or software will the Z function with

How much does the Swiftpoint Z weigh?

What type of scroll wheel does the Swiftpoint Z use, and how do you scroll left and right?

We use a high-end mechanical scroll wheel with precise incremental clicks. By tilting The Z slightly to the right you can move the mouse for free-form smooth scrolling, not just up / down, but also left and right, to navigate to any part of a document (including to the start or end of the page).

The Z is compatible with all games and applications. You can map any button click, tilt gesture or pivot gesture to a keyboard combination that the application uses.

For analog functionality we support games or applications that can use both a mouse and analog controller or joystick

The Swiftpoint Z Weighs: 4 ⅛ ounces (117 grams) – without cable and the total box and packaging 1.76 pounds (0.8kg)

Is there a wireless version of the Z available?

What is the warranty period on the Z?

Is there a left handed version available?

No, we've opted to stick with wired to minimize latency and battery issues.

The Z comes with a 3 year manufacturer’s warranty. We don't see it as 'just a mouse'... more as a precision tool for design professionals and gamers - as such the build quality will be of the absolutely the highest standard.

No – the mouse is designed for optimal ergonomic use in the right hand. One of our team is left-handed and uses the Z successfully, but we recommend right hand use.

Can you create and share profiles?

Use the powerful PC Driver to create profiles for all of your favorite games and applications. Profiles can be imported and exported to share with the community of Swiftpoint Z owners.