The mouse designed for iPad including dedicated iOS App

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iPad Mouse - The PadPoint

Finally, a mouse for your iPad!

At last you can use a mouse with your iPad!

No more lugging around a bulky laptop, power supply and a bag full of accessories. PadPoint has been designed to be the perfect partner to your iPad.

Connect PadPoint via Bluetooth, attach a keyboard and your iPad becomes a laptop – it’s that easy!

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New Apple iPad App


For many years now Swiftpoint users have been using their iPad & mouse as a convenient and enjoyable replacement to their desktop and laptop computers.

Now with the release of Apple’s iPadOS and the launch of Swiftpoint mice, PadPoint & ProPoint – using a mouse and iPad just got even better!

With all the apps you love...

PadPoint works with any and all iPadOS apps – with no limits.

Your iPad is great for reading and browsing, but creating content with a touch screen and a ‘fat finger’ can be difficult. 

Browse the web or flick through Photos, check your Stocks or jot down a note – PadPoint gives you the precision and accuracy that even the most dainty finger could never achieve.

Whether it’s for business or pleasure, fine detail work like highlighting text or selecting a cell in Excel becomes easy, enjoyable and productive.

iPad Mouse with iPad App

But it’s more than a mouse...


Enable AssistiveTouch and PadPoint gives you even more control. 

With the press of a button access you can access a menu of the most useful shortcuts, ranging from volume control and application switching to fully customizable gestures.

Remote Desktop apps

We’ve partnered with many of the world’s leading remote and virtual desktop infrastructure developers to give you even more power.

Not only does PadPoint work with your native iPad apps, such as; your favorite web browser, Mail, and Calendar, but you can use one of the supported iOS applications to access your Windows or Mac desktop directly from your iPad – no matter where in the world you are!

Gesture Technology

PadPoint iPad mouse with gesture technology

Just flick to get where you want to go – no need to reach for your touchscreen.

Keep your fingers on your PadPoint and, even without a touchscreen, the PadPoint’s unique touch gesture technology allows you to scroll and zoom with ease.

The Mouse designed for iPad with Remote Desktop Support.

Designed to be the perfect companion to your newly empowered iPad.

PadPoint mouse, travel case, and USB charger.
SKU: SM603

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