USBA Receiver/Charger

USD$19.90 Excl. any VAT & Duties

This wireless USB receiver and charger is compatible with ProPoint, TracPoint, PadPoint, PenPoint, GoPoint and the Swiftpoint GT.

All ProPoints include a wireless USB receiver in the box, so they are only required if you have a TracPoint, PadPoint, PenPoint, or GoPoint and need to connect to a device without Bluetooth support; or if you need a replacement/spare.

Note: This receiver is not compatible with the original red and black Swiftpoint 300 series by default. But it is possible to enable compatibility with the process described here.

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Lost or broken your Swiftpoint USB Charger / Receiver? 

Simply purchase a replacement, pair it with your Swiftpoint Mouse and you’re back in business!

Want to use your Swiftpoint Mouse on your laptop and your desktop computer?  

Purchase another USB Charger / Receiver to use with your other computer, and simply pair your Swiftpoint Mouse with the receiver you wish to use – no need to move your receiver between computers!

Weight 0.008 kg
Dimensions 10.5 × 6 × 0.8 cm
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