Swiftpoint Mouse Wireless USB Receiver and Charger


The wireless USB receiver and charger for the Swiftpoint GT and ProPoint mice. While the Swiftpoint GT and ProPoint mouse packages include a wireless USB receiver, it can also be purchased separately in case the original one has been misplaced.

Note: This receiver is not compatible with the original red and black Swiftpoint 300 series.

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Lost or broken your Swiftpoint USB Charger / Receiver? 

Simply purchase a replacement, pair it with your Swiftpoint Mouse and you’re back in business!

Want to use your Swiftpoint Mouse on your laptop and your desktop computer?  

Purchase another USB Charger / Receiver to use with your other computer, and simply pair your Swiftpoint Mouse with the receiver you wish to use – no need to move your receiver between computers!

Once you receive your new USB Receiver / Charger

You will need to “pair” it with your Swiftpoint GT Mouse.

This process takes less than 20 seconds and involves four easy steps:

  1. Insert the new USB Receiver / Charger into your computer.
  2. Holding down both buttons on the Swiftpoint Mouse, repeatedly turn the scroll wheel until both LED lights (on top of the mouse) turn on – this may take up to 15 seconds.
  3. When both LED lights are on, let go of the buttons and hold the mouse close to the USB Receiver / Charger. The lights will turn off when the mouse has “paired” with the receiver.
  4. Try using the mouse (you may need to click the button to start it).

Alternatively, you can click here to watch a video on how to pair your Swiftpoint GT Mouse.

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