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"The most comfortable mouse on the market"

Huffington Post

Work Different.

Health Benefits - GT's Ergonomic Design.

“The Swiftpoint isn’t large and lumpy like a typical “ergonomic” mouse. It isn’t vertical, and it isn’t adjustable in any way. It is, nonetheless, one of the most comfortable pointing devices of any size that I’ve ever used. Movements small and large are smooth and easy.”

“Office workers can be prone to developing a range of repetitive strain injuries like carpal tunnel and arthritis. Try the Swiftpoint GT, a wireless mouse held with an ergonomic pen like grip, more like a stylus, thereby reducing the impact of repetitive stress injuries and strain on muscles.”

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If you’re searching for an ergonomic solution and benefits, the Swiftpoint GT’s unique and patented pen-like grip has users telling the world that their GT experience is life-changing.

Many even say the GT has cured their wrist (Carpal Tunnel) and arm and shoulder pains associated with RSI! The GT’s unique design certainly does away with the “claw-grip” needed with your every-day mouse, and the GT’s intuitive swipe and scroll functions can be performed without reaching for your touchscreen.

Breathe life into your iPad.

The Swiftpoint GT functions across all operating platforms, even on iOS devices with the most popular remote desktop apps. Through leading remote access developer partnerships, the GT is integrated with the iOS (and Windows) versions of VMware Horizon Client, Amazon WorkSpaces, TeamViewer, Jump Desktop, Splashtop Business and Personal, Parallels Client, Sunlogin, Nulanta Remotix and Mochasoft, with more coming.

Introduce the GT to your iPad and a keyboard to enjoy a full laptop or desktop experience.

“This is a wonderful addition for those who, like me, need to use the iPad as a remote terminal to a Windows machine. If you work all day long reaching out for the screen to move the emulated mouse cursor, you will very soon wish you had a mouse.” 

Tim Louise

“#swiftpointgt mouse is not only an essential productivity tool for #iPad but probably the best travel mouse out there. Enables mouse support on iOS for remote desktop apps and works very well on PC as a wireless mouse. The small size makes it highly portable. #ios #ipadpro #travel #productivity #mouse #swiftpoint.” 

David Tomlinson

Ultimate travel companion.

Its size, compact, light weight (a mere 24gms - 25% of the weight of a conventional mouse) and battery features (1 hours use from a 30 second Rapidcharge™; 2 to 4 weeks from a full 2 hour charge) all combine to make the Swiftpoint GT the perfect travel companion – whether on the plane, on your sofa, in your hotel room or even by the pool! Add in both wireless USB and Bluetooth 4 connectivity and the world becomes not just your oyster, but your office too.

“The Swiftpoint mouse is a sublime little gadget that’s quickly become part of our travel bag essentials list.”

Urban Shogun

“The Swiftpoint mouse is a heck of way to compute as you work on the go.”

The Street

“I found the Swiftpoint GT Mouse to be both responsive and precise - much more precise than a trackpad” 


No more inefficient trackpads.

Put an end to the frustration of working with an unresponsive and inefficient trackpad, and your work with Word, Excel and Powerpoint becomes easier, faster and so much more precise - a solution that you’ve surely been waiting for.

“If you hate touchpads on laptops and you’re looking to upgrade to a full mouse without losing portability, the Swiftpoint mouse should be your top option.” 


Together at last,
swipe, point and scroll.

Just flick to get where you want to go – no need to reach for your touchscreen. Keep your fingers on your GT and, even without a touchscreen, the GT’s unique touch gesture technology allows you to scroll and zoom with ease.

"Swiftpoint may be the only company in the entire world that has the mouse right for all of us suffering (or about to) from RSI and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome."

"Swiftpoint has birthed a mouse that's got the portability and efficiency of a touchpad."

"The Best travel mouse available. Period"

“To say the Swiftpoint is well designed is like saying the Burj Dubai is a tall building."

Red Ferret

“It's ingenious, frankly."

NZ Herald


A portable powerhouse unleashing the power of touch in Windows 7, 8 and 10. Great for Mac, Android and even iPad.

Swiftpoint GT mouse, travel case, and wireless USB receiver.

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