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Customer Support

We pride ourselves on our customer support and service.  If you have any questions or issues, please explore the following online resources or you can contact us directly using the email address below.

Drivers & Configuration Software

Swiftpoint GT Cloud Configuration and Driver Download

To configure your Swiftpoint GT move the switch on the bottom of the mouse to the CONFIG position, click here and follow the on-screen instructions.

Swiftpoint Z Driver Download and Support

Click here and follow the instructions to download the Swiftpoint Zs driver software, which will give you access to its extensive customization options.

Information about the latest Driver and Firmware updates can be found in our community forum.

User Guides, Troubleshooting, and FAQ's

If you are experiencing problems with your Swiftpoint GT or Z Mouse,  please view our user guides and FAQs below.

Download the Swiftpoint GT User Guides (PDF)
Mastering the Swiftpoint GT
English – Quick Start Guide
Français – Guide Démarrage Rapide
Italiano – Guida Rapida
Deutsch – Kurzbedienungsanleitung
Espanol – Guía Rápida de Inicio
Svenska – Snabbstartsguide
Polski – Skrócona instrukcja obsługi
Korean – 빠른 시작 가이드
中國 – 快速入門指南

Swiftpoint GT FAQs, Tips and Troubleshooting
If you have any further questions not addressed in the user guides. Please check the FAQs and Tips in our community forum.

Or if you are having any trouble with your GT, please try our Troubleshooting Guides.

The answer to your question will hopefully be in our user guides or FAQs, but if you need to ask us a question directly please use the following email address to contact our support team: support@swiftpoint.com

We will get back to you as soon as we can.