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Release Notes

Release Notes V1.2.0 (54) – Jan 10, 2020

ProPoint and TRACPOINT firmware can now be updated directly from the Control Panel. To do this just pair with your mouse over Bluetooth and you will be prompted to update if your mouse does not already have the latest firmware.

Includes Firmware Version 1.30

  • Fix for wake-up bug.
  • Fix for standalone Presenter mode issue.

Release Notes V1.1.0 (49) – Nov 18, 2019

  • Added Support for macOS Catalina.
  • Updates to the Legacy firmware prompt.
  • Control Panels status display now includes “Legacy firmware” when used.
  • Slowed app switch movement while in Presentation mode.
  • Fix for SpotPoint/Laser Pointer escape not working in all cases (Press Esc key to force disable).
  • Rename “Middle Button” to “Centre Button” to avoid confusion with “Middle Click” function.
  • Allow the app to work correctly for multiple users logging in at once.
  • TRACPOINTs rear click default is correctly restored to “Right Click” when switching between ProPoint and TRACPOINT.

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