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Why is my ProPoint battery not lasting as long as expected?
We advise turning off the ProPoint when you are not using it, or when traveling with it in your bag. As the gyro is constantly on and can flatten the battery.

My ProPoint is connected and the buttons are working, but I cannot move the cursor.
You may be in Presentation Mode, check that the switch on the base of your ProPoint is set to “ON”.

My settings in the Swiftpoint Control Panel are not having any effect.
In this initial release, the Swiftpoint Control Panel only supports ProPoint mice connected via Bluetooth. So the Control Panel settings will not be in effect if the ProPoint is connected through the USB receiver. Due to this we recommend leaving the USB receiver unplugged if you are using the Control Panel.

Support for the USB receiver will be coming in a future update.

The ProPoint is not appearing in my Bluetooth device list for pairing.
Please make sure when you are putting your ProPoint into Bluetooth pairing mode that (while holding down the front button) you move the switch on its base all the way from Off to On, and not just to Presenter. As just moving from Off to Presenter will not initiate Bluetooth pairing mode.

Also be sure not to hold the front mouse button down for longer than five seconds while setting the switch to On. As after five seconds the ProPoint will instead be put into USB receiver pairing mode (This is indicated by the LED changing from orange to green).

Lastly to pair with the ProPoint over Bluetooth your computer/device will need to have at least Bluetooth 4.0 support. Most devices released after 2012 will have BT4.0 or above, but one exception to this is computers running Windows 7. As Windows 7 does not have Bluetooth 4.0 support the USB receiver will be required to connect with ProPoint.

Presentation Mode functions are not working correctly in PowerPoint; or other presentation app on Mac.
By default the ProPoints presentation mode uses Windows keyboard shortcuts. So if you have not connected your ProPoint to the Swiftpoint Control Panel for Mac its shortcuts will not be recognized by the Mac version of PowerPoint.

Simply installing and running the Control Panel on your mac will put your ProPoint into Mac mode. But it will also allow you to switch your ProPoint into Mac (or Windows) mode on the firmware level, so that it will continue to use the appropriate shortcut keys even when the Control Panel is not available.

Even with the Control Panel not all of presentation modes functionality will work in other presentation apps like Keynote. As they likely use different shortcuts than PowerPoint for some functions. However we plan to allow customization of presentation mode in future driver update so it will be possible to configure the ProPoint to work with any other application.

Vertical gesture scrolling is working, but I am unable to scroll horizontally.
Horizontal scrolling support will vary from application to application, as it is not a commonly used mouse input. But it should be supported in most web-browsers, so one way to confirm it is working correctly is to zoom in on a web-page so that a horizontal scroll-bar appears. Then check if you can pan from side to side on that page with your ProPoint.

If this works in your web-browser, but not the other application you were using, unfortunately it must not support the standard horizontal scrolling input. Though it may have a separate shortcut that can be used for this function (e.g. Shift + Scroll).

The mouse seems to be always in ’tilt’ mode, or it is difficult to get into tilt mode.
Try resetting the gyro calibration – view details of the process here.  Also make sure you are operating it on a flat and even surface.

How do I pair the ProPoint over Bluetooth?
Once the mouse is fully charged, you can pair it to your computer via Bluetooth 4.0. Remove the USB charger/receiver. Leave the mouse OFF for the first steps.

  1. Go to Bluetooth device menu in your system settings.
  2. Ensure Bluetooth is switched on on your device.
  3. Remove any existing “ProPoint” entries in the list.
  4. While holding down front button, move the switch on the underside of the mouse to ON. Release the front button once the LED starts to flash orange.
    • Note: If you hold the front button for more than 5 seconds, the mouse will change to USB Receiver pairing mode and flash green.
  5. When “ProPoint” appears in the list of searched devices, click on the device name to pair with the device. The LED will light up green for a few seconds when the pairing is complete.
  6. If you have a problem, cycle the On/Off switch and try again.

The ProPoint can store up to 3 Bluetooth pairings in memory. When you create a new pairing the two most recently used connections will also be maintained.

How do i reset the gyro calibration on my ProPoint?
Click here to view details of the process.

How do I switch between Bluetooth pairings once they have been created?
When switched on the ProPoint will automatically search for an available connection. But if more than one Bluetooth pairing is available nearby and it did not connect to the one you wanted, you can switch to the next one by holding the center button while you cycle power, using the On/Off switch.

How do I pair the ProPoint with a USB receiver?
The ProPoint will come paired to its included USB receiver, but if you need to swap to another USB receiver just use the steps below, or watch a video here of the process.

  1. Ensure your USB receiver is attached to your computer.
  2. Move the switch on the underside of the mouse to OFF.
  3. While holding down front button, move the switch to ON. Continue holding the front button for 5 seconds, until the LED changes from orange to green.
  4. Release the front button and hold the mouse close to the USB receiver. The LED will light up green for a few seconds when the pairing is complete.

What applications is Presentation Mode compatible with?
Presentation Mode can be used in any application, but some of its functions are setup specifically for the latest versions of PowerPoint. So they may not work correctly in other programs, or all earlier versions of PowerPoint (since they use different shortcut keys).

A future update to the ProPoints software (Swiftpoint Control Panel) will allow you to correct this by customizing all of Presentation Modes functions.

What operating systems is the ProPoint compatible with?
You can use the ProPoint with a Windows, Mac, or Linux PC; as well as on Android and iOS* devices (iPad/iPhone).

* iOS support is limited to the remote desktop applications below:

What’s the difference between Swiftpoint GT, and ProPoint?
ProPoint is our third generation pen-grip mouse, with many new innovations and improvements over the GT (second gen device)…

  • It’s two devices in one, i.e. both a mouse, and an in-air presenter (with gyro technology). It also operates as an air-mouse, which is great when you need to control your media and there’s no surface to use a mouse.
  • Has an additional dedicated button (three physical buttons instead of two)
  • A new optical sensor (50% higher DPI than the GT), that gives more precision, and works on more surfaces.
  • New Gesture 2.0 technology, for panning, zooming (by combining tilt gestures with the three physical buttons).
  • New configuration software for Mac and PC.
  • New firmware for more reliable Bluetooth operation.
Where do I find Warranty & Returns information?
Please click here to visit our ‘Legal’ information page which has more details regarding Warranty & Returns

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