How does the Swiftpoint GT actually improve productivity?
We do thousands of hand, eye and head movements a day working on a computer, especially in applications like Microsoft Word and Excel and other office and content editing applications. Without realizing it, we spend a lot of time and physical energy on mundane things like scrolling, clicking, button pressing, cursor dragging, switching between using the keyboard and the mouse. Swiftpoint GT dramatically reduces the number of such actions and allows you to work faster and easier. For example, with GT you can literally forget about scroll-bars. You can now use your hand to easily scroll up and down, and left and right, without having to look at a scroll-bar and click on it. You need to experience it to see how awesome it actually is!

With GT you can also easily flick and pan straight to where you want to be in wide spreadsheet or a long document (for example, a Microsoft Word or PDF file). And easy switching between click and touch modes is a huge benefit for users who alternate frequently between scrolling and placing the cursor in a precise position.

How do I use the Swiftpoint GT with my iPad?
To use the GT on iPad with any of the supported apps listed above, all you need to do is pair the GT with your iPad over Bluetooth. The process to do this is as follows:

  1. Ensure that your USB receiver is NOT attached to your computer or device.
  2. If your GT is already paired to any other Bluetooth device nearby, please remove this pairing, or temporarily disable Bluetooth on the other device.
  3. Set the Swiftpoint GTs switch to the OFF position and ensure that Bluetooth is enabled in your iPads settings.
  4. Hold down the rear button on your Swiftpoint GT while you move the switch to the ON position. Approximately 5-10 seconds later the green LED will begin flashing quickly indicating pairing mode.
  5. Select your Swiftpoint GT in the Bluetooth menu on your iPad and pair the devices.

Note: The GT will only maintain one Bluetooth pairing at a time. So if you pair your GT with another device over Bluetooth after pairing with your iPad, you will need perform these steps again. In this case also be sure to remove the old GT pairing on your iPad before creating the new one.

What is so special about the pen-like grip?
It’s a unique ergonomic design that reduces the stress on your hand and arm commonly associated with prolonged use of computer mice. It’s especially attractive to people who are concerned about RSI, OOS, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and similar conditions. With other small mobile mice the user has to use a claw grip which often causes cramping in his or her hand.

Why is a USB dongle needed if GT works via Bluetooth 4.
First of all, if your device does not have Bluetooth 4, you can connect GT using the wireless USB dongle. And If you are using the GT via a Bluetooth connection, you still need the USB dongle as a charger for your GT. You can use the GT with a Bluetooth device that does not even have a USB port and charge it using a USB port available on any other device.

What operating systems is the Swiftpoint GT compatible with?
You can use the Swiftpoint GT with a Windows, Mac, or Linux PC; as well as on Android and iOS* devices (iPad/iPhone).

* iOS support is limited to the remote desktop applications below:

I’ve just updated to macOS 10.14 Mojave and my GT is no longer working.

Mojave introduced some new security features which can interfere with the Swiftpoint Manager and prevent the GT from working.

Fortunately this can be corrected giving the Manager access to your Computer again in “System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Privacy > Accessibility”, as in the screenshot below. You can find further details on how to do this here.

Where do I find Warranty & Returns information?
Please click here to visit our ‘Legal’ information page which has more details regarding Warranty & Returns

How do I get started?

Plug the USB receiver into the USB port. Switch the Swiftpoint GT “ON” with the button on the base. To charge the mouse, dock it on to the USB receiver.  Before you use the mouse for the first time, perform a full battery charge.  The battery LED will flash while charging and will stop flashing when the charge is complete.  A full charge may take up to 90 minutes.

How do I hold the Swiftpoint GT?
Hold the mouse with your thumb in the thumb grip and your middle finger on the finger grip.  rest your index finger on the grip surface of the left-click button.  Be sure not to place your thumb too far forward.  It should feel natural and comfortable to use, just like holding a pen.

How do I use the Swiftpoint GT?
Firstly ensure you are holding the mouse correctly.  Next, practice clicking the left-click and right-click buttons on top of the mouse.  The scroll wheel can be used like a traditional scroll wheel by scrolling with your index finger. GT works in two modes:Point and click mode where you use it as a traditional mouse and Touch gesture mode accessed by tilting the mouse over slightly to use the stylus underneath. It allows the user a natural swipe or flick action with finger, wrist and forearm movement. To gesture, tilt the mouse to engage the stylus, then drag the stylus on the mousing surface. To perform edge gestures (Win 8), hold the rear (right-click) button and engage the stylus. Drag right to left to bring up Charms. Drag left to right to bring up application switcher. Lift stylus to launch an application. Drag up or down to zoom depending on the application being used.

How do I set the pointer speed?
The pointer speed is set via your computer or laptop settings.


  1. Go to Control Panel, and click Mouse (or press the windows key and type ‘mouse’)
  2. Click on the Pointer Options TAB.
  3. Drag the pointer speed slider to a position that suits your use.


Mac OS

  1. Open the System Preferences application.
  2. Click on Keyboard & Mouse.
  3. Click on the Mouse TAB.
  4. Drag the Tracking Speed slider to a position that suits your use.

Configuring the Swiftpoint GT.

To adjust configuration settings for your Swiftpoint GT. Move the switch on the underside of the mouse to CONFIG. Follow the on-screen instructions. Once configured, slide the switch to ON.

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